CiviCRM vs. OpenCRX vs. SuiteCRM

Jean Dennison
June 15, 2017

Nowadays, many small businesses are running on the online market that allows you to drag towards best solution forever. In fact, it comes with CiviCRM, OpenCRX, and SuiteCRM for identifying the business needs without any hassle. However, this makes the customers raise the corporate level by availing those solutions for your need. It has amazing features when you compare CiviCRM Vs OpenCRX vs. SuiteCRM. The individuals can ensure the confidentiality and security of your data providence. It is also useful for industries to fulfill the requirement based on the customers need. Moreover, this takes development environment to focus on user interface customization.Image result for CiviCRM vs. OpenCRX vs. SuiteCRM

  1. Civi CRM

It is however designed by Civi CRM LLC which is a simple solution for accessing small and medium sized business. This can be available in all platforms such as online, on a promise and mobile platform. Therefore, it suits for the business requirement and enhances it without any trouble. Of course, it is a web based as well as open source application to satisfy the business requirement quickly. It provides a strong relationship with customers by monitoring altogether. On the other side, it involves three features such as

  • Campaign Management
  • Contact Management
  • Document Management

Each of the features offers services that allow the users to raise the business accordingly.

  1. OpenCRX

It is a good business solution that organized by CRIXP Corp. Besides, it is an Open source CRM solutions which is helpful for the business owners to satisfy the business requirement without any hassle. It fulfills the customer’s requirement by applying CRM application packed with business class features.

  • Job-based security
  • System/wide pervading audit trail
  • Accurate platform independence
  • Limitless scalability

It is suitable for accessing all the UML models as well as the complete Javadoc. Its functionalities will list based on the market automation, sales automation, and collaboration features. Therefore, it gets creating and marketing new leads based on the CRM solution. It is named as professional enterprise class which is suitable for small business as well as large business. It can access via online and other methods to evaluate the business requirement accordingly.

  1. Suite CRM

It is developed by SuiteCRM which comes from a scalable platform on choosing the solutions for business needs. The users can call it as powerful open source CRM software which boasts the benefits and features along with it. However, this platform brings forth complete independence to the users who need to enhance the business accordingly. So, you will get ever changing constant innovation towards the firm and provides a relationship with the customers.

Furthermore, the relationships are easily managed by service features that present towards the customers to use forever. Therefore, this is reliable to grab attention on the client relationship by undertaking these SuiteCRM market automation features.

  • Campaign Management
  • Email marketing
  • Social advertising

When it comes to analysis features, it provides essential outcomes for raising the business accordingly. Based on these functions, the business will critically evaluate the sales and action items efficiently.

  • Custom reports
  • Custom graphs and charts
  • Dashboards
  • Sales reports

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