Common Issue

The dynamics of our everyday life and work are such that we often move around, work from different stations and laptops. Carrying around the devices that we need to use is a little bit too much and the cables are not long enough to let us use devices from any spot of the office space. For example you have a webcam that you need to use at different computers in the office. How convenient would it be to simply access it from any remote machine around the office?

Share webcam over LAN with USB Network Gate

Accessing remote webcam and using it as local is a piece of cake with USB Network Gate. This app allows sharing USB camera over the network without dealing with long cables or running around with it.

USB Network Gate is easy to use. Read these simple steps:

  • Download and install USB Network Gate on the computer with the webcam physically connected (server) and on the computer that is going to access and work with remote camera (client).
  • Open the app on the server computer and find the webcam in the list of devices that can be shared. Click a button next to the webcam.
  • Open the app on the client computer and find the remote webcam in the list of accessible remote devices. Connect to it.
  • USB Network Gate is available for different OS types, which is very convenient. It supports Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems.

Software alternative for Windows
If you only need to share a cam over the network from one Windows machine to another, you can try Yawcam. Yawcam stands for Yet Another WebCAM software. It is written in Java and offers the following features:

– Video streaming
– Making screenshots
– Web server is built into the app
– Motion detection

This software works over WiFi. Unlike USB Network Gate, Yawcam is not cross-platform, so if your office uses Macs, and Linux, and Windows machines sharing a cam with Yawcam is not exactly an option.