Computer Science Education Week Activities


The Computer science education week activities, is about a special program, which is abbreviated as CSED week. The CSED week is an initiative of the STEM education guide system, which is running educational institutions with a model to cope up with the global standards of education. The program will be running between the 1st and 5th of December 2016. It’s an initiative to popularize computer science as a main branch of education. And to implement that, various computer science activities can be organized at important locations, while collaborating with important institutions and organizations, to create enough awareness for promoting computer education.

The main challenges with most schools

The main challenges with most schools are that, they are still carrying on with an old style of syllabus and learning system. This system is not upgraded, either in syllabus, or in infrastructure. Where the computer enabled learning should be made of the fundamentals in the urban and modern style of education, most schools are still miles away from the infrastructure also. With this, the syllabus also never focuses or stresses much on computer science learning.

These institutions, their students, and the parents of the students, have to be counseled and told about the vitality of computer science, and it’s growing importance in every field.

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As per CSED what needs to be taught

As per the CSED week, the programming fundamentals, the guide to algorithm, simple problem solving, application of computers in all fields, and the all round computer enabled work, has to be introduced before the students. This is the very basic way to start. Also it’s much important that these things are told in a much interesting way. If the implementation and preaching style is interesting, students would learn and get introduced to the concept with a lot of fun and interest.

Also with students the parents would know that what they have been missing all through and they would know what needs to be introduced and enforced.

The right of learning

Every student has the right to get educated about computers, programming, algorithms and the application of computers in simple to complex every subject and process. And for this equal amount of stress which is put on bio sciences, physics, arts and linguistics, has to be given on computer science education too.

How to enforce computer education and awareness for it

All these and the computer science activities can be introduced with combining hands with startups, and IT project management systems, and many such organizations. They must help to show children the scope of career in the field, and how one can get a kick start in career with the proper computer education.