Content Types Search Engines Recognizes Most

Content is the king when it comes to online marketing. You may have well-designed websites, but it will not get recognized until you upload great content on the website. A great content only has informative, well research, and excellent language but should also top in term of SEO. Yes, SEO! If you have a lot of content on your website and they are not SEO friendly then it will not get recognized by search engines. Keywords play an important role to improve the SEO reports and PPC management of any content.

The online content marketing has come a long way. Things have changed a lot since its inception. Major search engines like Google has unveiled new algorithms and informed the professionals about the types of content that constantly wins the SEO game. Here are the content types that Google or any other search engine recognizes most easily.

Long-Form Articles

Long articles top the chart of content types that are easily recognized by search engines. They have the better chances of getting popularity online. Readers get involved with long articles easily and share it. Sharing increases the potential reader and followers online. Experts reveal that content pieces should have minimum 1,200 words. But in a research, engineers found that the top 10 searched content had over 2,000 words.

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Blogs with Better Keywords

Blogs are undoubtedly the trending content in the field of online marketing. Nowadays, almost all websites have a blog page with trending blog topics. Trending because people search these topics more frequently and therefore it increases the chance of getting recognized by search engines.

But blogs should be effectively written and incorporated with useful keywords. And the keywords should not be used several times in the content.

Evergreen Content

Just dumping your website with content will never help. Instead, you should try to upload articles that are evergreen. It means the content that would be useful and relevant for coming 2 to 3 years. You can create an evergreen content by following the following rules.

  • Create high quality content which are relevant to the readers
  • Divide the articles into subheadings and bullets
  • Choose a topic carefully that audience will search again and again.
  • The topic should relate to the audience


Videos are currently a trend not only on social media sites but also on static content. Therefore, content with video grabs more attention online. Nowadays, audience does not like to read a long chunk of content. Instead, they easily hook on to the content that is compressed with the usage of videos. So, try to incorporate videos in your content in the demonstration part or in the introduction. Video articles also have the potential to go viral.


Articles having lists perform better in terms of SEO. So, choose your topic wisely which include list. For example, 10 Ways to Improve SEO. Include a short introduction and then list the ways into subtopics. But make ensure that the list is relevant to the topic of the article.