Cryptocurrency: There were some reasons for this igneous invention

The crypto currency was introduced in the year 2008, I believe, the freedom of expression, privacy, safety from any attacks, free from the middlemen, the painful censorship, and the unnecessary government regulations would have been the major concerns before going for the introduction of the cryptocurrency.

The developer and the tech community that rules the world cannot be controlled by the states or nations and their hasty regulations. They want to the travel, trade and to work beyond any border and without any regulation. And it is now more than 9 years, the crypto currencies growing with the much faster rate. And here comes the concept of decentralized Internet that will eliminate the each sort of information request passing through a mandatory point or server or node. The entire cryptocurrency is based on the decentralized internet that offers almost impossible censorship and hacking or interruption threat.

Things all you need to know about the blockchain based cryptocurrencies

There are more than 100 cryptocurrencies out there but some major one could be: Bitcoin, Monero, NameCoins Ethereum, Factom, Rootstock, DotCoin, Maidsafe, StorjCoin, SiaCoin and so on.

There are Some Coins that Performs a Different Functions

There are many programs that as similar as crypto currencies and also works on the blockchain technology but they are meant to perform a different set of tasks. The best name could be NameCoin that basically is a distributed DNS and act like as a table that stores the addresses (Domain Names) and resolves them to network readable forms on the decentralized net.

What are some Blockchain based Domains?

Dot Bit Domains: .bit is a top level domain that is not a part of the currently used DNS for the centralized internet system (conventional Internet). It is blockchain based DNS system works on decentralized Internet.

Dot Ethereum Name System: The Ethereum is a platform for the network decentralized crypto currencies. The Ethereum is a network (while ether is coin or currency that work on Ethereum) or platform which is made using smart Contracts. Etherium is a set of automated task that runs after certain condition met. These certain tasks could be sending money or asking for the pieces of information.

EmerCoin: Emercoin is an environment or platform built on the popular cryptocurrency peercoin and it is believed that it more resistance than 51% and works on the Proof-of-Sake algo.

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