Data Centre Firm in Singapore Is Investing Big Bucks in India

An investee firm of Bain Capital, Bridge Data Centres, is planning on investing four hundred to five hundred million dollars in India over the next twenty-four months. It’s currently moving through the phases of acquisition in a range of Asia Pacific markets, with a further two hundred and twenty to two hundred and fifty million dollars of investment planned for the foreseeable future.

Bridge Data Centres has two co-founders, Kris Kumar and Michael Foust, who have partnered with Bain Capital in order to fulfill demand. Demand will be fulfilled via operations and infrastructure which are scalable and dependable. BDC (Bridge Data Centres) is setting up a “green field” location within Mumbai and other important markets and putting a lot of money into acquisitions which suit the company’s vision for a bright financial future.

Market Disruption Often Sparks New Investment

The executive chairman of Bridge Data Centres, Michael Foust, feels that market disruption offer opportunities and that the Indian market is not adequately served. Instead, it’s supply-constrained and doesn’t feature the right caliber and quantity of operations and data centre locations. BDC plans to offer what is missing and to continue operation in Mumbai for years. It wants to set a gold standard for data centre services in the region.

The Indian Market is Growing

Demand for data centres is rising in India. At present, the capacity for existing data centre capacity in the nation isn’t meeting the operations, construction and design standards in other countries. Now that more global customers are in India, the industry needs to advance. BDC has the right infrastructure for expansion into Mumbai. It’s ideally positioned to be a leader for change and to deliver innovative technology systems which meet the needs of clients.

The chief executive officer of BDC is named Kris Kumar and he plans to target a combination of green field investments and acquisitions. How things will pan out will depend on the opportunities which are present, as well as specific market dynamics. His program will assemble a group of high-quality facilities which are in keeping with worldwide standards.

More Expansion by BDC is Planned

In addition to establishing operations in India, the team at BDC plan to target other promising world markets, including those in Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Australia and the Philippines.

Singapore Is Succeeding Economically

Did you know that forecasts for economic growth in the island city-state of Singapore indicate projected growth of two and half percent this year. Part of this growth may be attributed to the vision of Singapore’s tech CEOs, who are eyeing expansion with a mind to making more money and employing more people, in Singapore and abroad.

While other countries, such as the Philippines, currently outpace Singapore in terms of economic growth, it’s safe to say that Singapore is doing well. In particular, it’s inspiring that the country is growing economically, despite some global economical “shakiness”. Tech is particularly strong as a business niche in Singapore and this is why Singaporean tech firms have the capital needed in order to expand.

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