Data Rescue 5 Review: A Major Step Forward For Data Recovery & Prosoft Engineering

Data Rescue is a data recovery software for Mac and Windows designed to find, preview, and recover accidentally deleted files, lost data, and reformatted drives with ease. Data Rescue 5 is the latest version of Prosoft Engineering’s recovery software, and it’s packed with new and returning features that make it the best version to date. Plus, for experienced and business users, the updated professional mode comes with additional tools for more advanced recoveries.

Data Rescue Features

Data Rescue has a range of features for assisting users with their data recovery process. The software can recover from not only hard disk drives, but also solid state drives, USB drives, SD cards, CF cards, and more.

You can use the Quick Scan feature if your device does not mount or your operating system fails to boot. If a Quick Scan does not provide the expected results, the Deep Scan feature can be used, especially if no volumes or partitions are detected or the device was formatted. If the device is showing symptoms of physical failure and cannot be scanned, you can also use the Clone tool to attempt to make a copy of the device to a healthy media, which can then bescanned for recovery.

If you aren’t seeing the results you’d like for a particular file type (or don’t see the type listed in the softwares supported file types) it may be possible that that file type is not natively supported by Data Rescue. Fortunately, the software includes a feature called FileIQ, which allows you to teach new file types to the software by providing good working example files of the same type.

New in Data Rescue 5 is the ability to receive email notifications about current or complete scans, an advanced search to find files in the scan results instantly with infinite search fields and new search criteria options, and improved duplicate recognition to exclude duplicate files from recovery.

Prosoft Engineering also offers a demo version of the software that allows you to perform a full scan of your device and preview recoverable files, that way you know your files are valid and intact before purchase.

 Professional Version

For users interested in performing professional data recovery, the professional license of Data Rescue adds a new interface to the software that is packed with additional features.  

Data Rescue Professional is cross-compatible, giving you access to both the Mac and Windows software under a single professional license. This gives you the ability to recover files from almost any device you may encounter in an IT or business environment.

The professional version also comes with the advantage of being able to perform unlimited recoveries from any number of devices, in contrast to the 5 device limitation of the personal license. If you routinely encounter data loss scenarios that need to be resolved, this professional license is essential to your recovery environment.

In terms of the new professional mode interface, it has been designed for experienced computer users and technicians. The professional mode supports RAID recovery, which also includes the ability to add a virtual RAID to simulate a physical RAID configuration, which is beneficial in cases where a RAID fails to mount or be recognized as one single volume. It also includes advanced features such as a hex viewer to view raw drive and file data, as well as the ability to save the results of up to 15 previous scans for later reference or recovery.

An added bonus to the professional version’s data recovery capabilities is a Secure Erase tool that will overwrite the contents of a device with either a random or chosen pattern. This Secure Erase tool is excellent for data security purposes as it will make all contents of the erased device inaccessible, even with recovery tools like Data Rescue. It is a great tool to have in a professional environment to ensure sensitive or confidential material is destroyed before disposing of old storage media.

Lastly, the professional version comes with the added benefit of a partnership with The Data Rescue Center, a hard drive recovery lab that performs physical data recovery services in cases where a device is too physically damaged to be recovered with software tools like Data Rescue. This partnership includes free inbound and outbound shipping, along with free evaluations to provide you with a diagnosis of the failure scenario and quote for recovery. Also included is a no-data no-charge policy for recoveries that are attempted but ultimately unsuccessful due to severe physical damage.  

Final Thoughts

Data Rescue has a number of features included that help computer users of any experience level recover their files, and with the improved software interface the process is easier than ever. The demo version also allows you to try the software before making a purchase to ensure the software will work in your situation, and Prosoft Engineering offers technical support both before and after purchase to make sure you are taking the correct steps to get the best results possible.

For businesses and IT professionals, the enhanced professional mode and included partnership with The Data Rescue Center makes you equipped to handle any data loss scenario. Prosoft Engineering has truly taken a step forward in streamlining data recovery at all levels with their latest Data Rescue 5 software.