DISH Network Voice Controller

Dish Network newvoice remote that was announced at CES back in January is now availablefor Dish subscribers. The Dish voiceremote allows you to navigate, change channels and select programing by using voice commands. Thanks to advanced voice recognition technology, the remote can even complete your audio commands for you.

To activate the voice commands simply press and hold the “voice button” and speak directly to the remote for an easier TV experience. The Voice Remote can control up to two (new and existing Hopper 3)devices.The voice remote uses a radio connection to connect to your TV. This way it doesn’t have to be pointed directly to the Hopper 3 DVR to operate.


The voice remote has unique design features; as it has no numerical and navigation buttons. Those buttons have been replaced with a touchpad/gesture pad.You can scroll up and scroll down by gesturing the touchpad; same goes for the left and right navigation. The numeric buttons work in a similar fashion on the touchpad, as they appear and disappear on the screen when you activate it.

One of the features of the voice remote is when you press the 123 buttons on the touchpad you will illuminate the whole remote. Pressing those keys will also create an overlay pop-up on the TV screen, which will show you exactly what you’re pressing on the remote.

While there are similar voice remotes like the Apple TV, Amazon Fire and the Samsung’s voice remote;they were designed to work primarily with their corresponding service only.  The Dish voice remote can be used with not only Netflix but online videos, Hopper 3 apps and your satellite TV from DISH Network.

The voice remote also has a remote locator feature. This feature when activated will cause the remote to flashilluminated lights and to emit an audio noise. This feature will save you time when looking for the remote.

The Dish voice controller works in a plethora of different ways, so you can search content, movies and TV shows. You can also change the settings of your TV, navigation controls, language setting, fast-forwarding, reverse and much more.The device is available to DISH Network TV Packages subscribers with a price tag of $30.