Download SyncMate To Sync Mac Data With Android Device

SyncMate is one of the most popular Mac software on the market. It allows the user to sync Mac with the different device such as iOS, Android, another Mac, and others. This software offers the auto sync feature that the user set the different automatic sync parameter for supported device. It can sync the media files, personal data, folders and others easily between the iOS or Android and Mac device. SyncMate allows syncing Mac data with an Android device. Here you can check the list of SyncMate sync option with Mac.

  • Sync calendar and contact

With the help of the SyncMate, HTC sync manager for Mac anyone can sync the calendar without any hassle. For the user convenience, this software syncs the data directly between the different apps. So the user need not pick unpick any files manually. You can also access the entire address in the address book on your device. The SyncMate software can sync all the contacts on HTC to Mac contacts. It keeps you contact secure form the loss and others.

  • Sync media and folders

The latest edition of this app will sync HTC playlist, music, videos, images, and others folders to the Mac. It does not require the online account and cloud storage. The user should have to connect the HTC to the Mac that will sync your folders and media easily. It is reliable and unique software that allow syncing your folders at any time.

  • Huge Sync options

HTC sync manager for Mac offers the lot of the sync options such as contact, iTunes, calendar, photos, files, folders, bookmarks and others. The software also offers the non-sync features. By using this software, you can manage as well as read the SMS messages and also text with your friends. In addition, you can also check the call history directly from the Mac.

  • Mount HTC

If anyone needs to mount the HTC to Mac and also browse the app content in the finder then you know the Apple brand does not provide the built-in feature to the mounting device. But the SyncMate connect the HTC to the Mac and then mount it. Now the user can access the Android folders, photos, files and others directly in the finder.

  • Sync data automatically

The software allows the user to sync the device in a background automatically. The user sets the sync parameter and then they will be completed while syncing sessions. You can download the SyncMate software and the device will sync within the single application. With the help of SyncMate application, the user can download the songs on the Mac and also enjoy listening to the music on your device. If you need to know more details about the SyncMate, then you can visit this link