Electronic cigarette or not JUUL vaporizer

Were you looking for a genuine new alternative to cigarette smoking and e-cigarettes?

JUUL electronic cigarette vaporizer

Designed in San Francisco and manufactured locally and internationally, JUUL is one of the leading choices of a vaporizer. It comes with an atomizer that contains JUUL pods, an e-liquid formula that is based on nicotine salts instead of a free base nicotine.

What is JUUL vaporizer made of?

It is made with an aluminum shell that houses a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable via a magnetic USB charger. It only takes roughly 1 hour to fully charge the vaporizer. Along with the lithium-ion battery are a pressure sensor and circuit board.

The vapor path and liquid are kept separate from the electronic parts which eliminate the risk of liquid damage.

Each JUUL vaporizer integrates responsive design with smart technology and uses only high-quality materials to produce each piece. With an award-winning design and engineering team behind its production, you are assured of the best vaporizer in the market.

To ensure that the vaporizer stays in place when connected to the magnetic USB charging dock, it is built with a magnet at the base. For this reason, it is highly recommended not to connect it to your laptop when charging. The magnet will not damage your computer, but it will force it to go into sleep mode. It is best to use an alternate USB port.

What makes JUUL different from other Electronic cigarettes?

It uses a smart temperature-regulation technology so that it can withstand the heat resulting from an optimal level of vaporization without reaching combustion levels. This adds another layer of safety for adult smokers looking to switch from cigarettes to vaporizers.

It sports a simple and user-friendly design so novices and first-time users can make the switch easily. Whatever simplicity you have been accustomed to when smoking you can still enjoy with the JUUL electronic cigarette vaporizer.

It uses JUUL pods that contain a formula with a cigarette-like strength nicotine. It provides an intensely satisfying vapor with natural flavors for a superior experience.

What are JUUL pods?

These are containers that contain a proprietary nicotine salt formula called JUUL salts. They are made of heat-resistant, food grade plastics but with a vapor path in stainless steel. Ni-chrome coil heater and industry standard silicon wick complete the JUUL pod.

Unlike other e-liquids, JUUL salts is made of nicotine salt instead of free base nicotine so adult smokers get a cigarette-like strength nicotine with every puff. The 0.7mL content of every pod is equivalent to 5% of nicotine by weight or approximately 1 pack of cigarettes.

This creates an intensely satisfying experience for all 200 puffs.

The ingredients in a JUUL pod juice are benzoic acid, extracts and flavor, glycerol, natural oils, nicotine and propylene glycol, among others.

What is even better is that you get a fresh coil in each pod without the need to replace it. No need to set it up either.

To heat the juice in the JUUL pod, a closed loop temperature control algorithm is used to deliver the ideal amount of power to the industry standard wick and ni-chrome coil system.