Everything You Need To Know About Google Play Store!

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If you ever owned an Android device, you probably have heard about Google Play, also formerly known as Android Market. It is the official app store for Android, where users can look up for apps that have been designed and developed with “Android software development kit”. You can download any app that’s listed on Google Play, much like you would use the App Store on an iPhone. Google play also works like a store for digital media, so people can also download other things, including books, music and movies.


Google Play was launched in 2012, which united many other Google brands and services, such as Google Music, Google eBookstore and Android market. The parent company has been extensively focused on the branding of Google Play, and they have expanded to many geographical regions in recent years. While there have been controversies related to malicious software, which have been approved by Play Store and downloaded by users, things have changed. In short, you need Play Store on your Android phone/device if you wish to make the most of the best apps out there.

Quick facts

Google Play is the platform that stores both paid and free apps. These apps can be downloaded through the mobile app of Google Play, known as Play store. Usually, most Android devices come with the Google Play store app, but in case you don’t have that on your phone or tablet, you can check websites like playstoredownload.blog to download Play Store APK. For the uninitiated, APKs are simple Android apps that have been saved in the .apk format. Be careful of the source of Play Store APK, because only a few out there are reliable. As of 2016, more than 82 billion downloads were made on Google Play store.

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Buying and using apps

If you are opting for paid apps or in-app purchases, you can use credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and PayPal. It is also possible to use Google Play gift cards for making purchases, although these cards are available in a few regions as of now. For knowing the best apps in different categories, you need to keep an eye on the Google Play Awards, which are announced annually, and if you want to get your app approved, check the terms and conditions in detail. In recent years, Google has been very particular about the apps approved for Play Store. Download the APK now!