Examine Netflix streaming with Netflix speed test

Definitely, you will be tired of paying for the cable service. You are not alone because TV cable price keeps on rising. Most of the people opt to stop paying for cable and give preference to use internet for entertainment needs. It is the perfect time to save the money by cutting the cable cord and switch to Netflix. Netflix is the amazing site with more than millions of subscribers in 190 countries enjoying movies and shows every day. Members can enjoy watching anytime, anywhere with the connected internet. Thus, Netflix has launched its great Netflix speed test which makes it easy for the user to know whether they are getting the reliable internet speed or not. Get to know how to use the speed test tool.

Advantages of Netflix over Cable

There are variety of different sources combine by cable networks but no service can compete with Netflix. It is the time to change your habits and get some clear money-saving benefits now.

  • You will get HD quality movies, shows and series on Netflix.
  • Free of antenna or any set-top box that is used by local stations.
  • New emerging technology and services like IPTV will be available online.
  • Antivirus is installed to prevent the saved data
  • Browsing of for sites like Hulu or YouTube

Need to use Netflix speed test tool

Yes, if you are a Netflix user, you will be well aware that new tool Netflix speed test is launched and help you to know whether your internet service provider is cheating on you or not. The legally authorized domain is a test website that tells internet download speed with just a click. So, whether you are streaming videos or movies on Netflix, and the internet seems slow to you, you can visit the website to check the issues.

How to check connection speed?

You can check the speed of Netflix streaming app with Netflix speed test tool. To check the speed, follow the step by step process. Whether you are using it on a computer or on any other mobile device, visit Fast.com which is the legally authorized website to test the internet speed. The result will be generated automatically once you open it.

  • Now start Netflix home screen.
  • Navigate up and you will see Settings icon. If you do not s the gear icon then your device whether laptop or any iOS or Android device does not support the feature.
  • Then select the option Check your network.
  • The Netflix app will show that whether your device is connected to internet or not so that the speed test will reach Netflix server. It will also detect the connection speed.
  • When the test will be completed, make sure to compare your results. If the connection is a show then try troubleshooting to improve the result.

Pleasure of watching movies and shows

Now is the right time to shift the blame to internet providers who provide poor connection. Enjoy the unlimited pleasure of watching TV shows and movies on Netflix. Do not forget to check the Netflix streaming speed with Netflix speed test tool for seamless experience.