Four Tips for Working Efficiently


Each day has its challenges. New assignments pop up often before you can finish the previous task. Using your time efficiently can help you be more productive. Here are some tips on using time to your benefit.

Write Lists

Contrary to how you feel, taking the time to plan your day by writing a list can make your work more efficient. Before you begin tackling those tasks in your head, write them down and keep them in front of you. As you complete a task, mark it off. Seeing those completed assignments will motivate you to accomplish the next one. Your list can be on paper or written digitally on your smart-phone. Lists will keep you from forgetting important assignments. You will be surprised at how helpful a simple list can be.

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

Copying, sorting, and stapling are necessary, but If you have someone in your company dedicated to performing those tasks, utilize their service. If you don’t have an in-house option, consider outsourcing. Workflow software is also available from Mitratech that can automate workflows to generate documents. This will automatically send forms to the right people for approvals and signatures You won’t have to repeatedly track down special forms and find the right person for approval.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

Many diversions get in the way of being productive. Everything from Email notifications to annoying music. To avoid distractions, set your phone to the “do not disturb” setting during your most productive hours. Wear earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to keep music, loud phone conversations, and other sounds from drawing your attention away from your work. When a new idea or task pops into your head, write it down immediately. Otherwise, you may be tempted to focus on the new task even when it is not as pressing as your current task.

Time Your Work

You generally know how long a job should take. If you don’t, you can time the tasks that you perform each day to see how long they take. Then, to keep yourself from spending too long one assignment, set a timer for that task. You can challenge yourself to beat your best time for a job. This uses your competitive nature to your advantage.

Using these tips can you help you tackle tasks with confidence and get your work done more efficiently. Try one of these tips today and when it is mastered, implement another one and watch your productivity increase.