Get extra Twitter followers by using the best hashtags

Do you want to get more Twitter followers but you are tired of spending money on advertisement without success? Are you disappointed from lacking enough followers on Twitter? Are you followed by low quality, disengaging followers? Well if this is your case, we have good news for you – a free Twitter tool that will solve all those issues!

The best posts use the best hashtags

The solution is very simple – and to do it we will use a free Google Webstore Tool named TagPredict. The brilliant idea is:

  • Popular influencers have got thousands of followers in your target niche.
  • Those popular influencers use specific hashtags when they post. If you also used those hashtags – you get exposed to the same target audience. So simple!
  • Strategy: you want to use the same hashtags been used by popular influencers in your niche.

How to get more legit Twitter followers, step by step guide

The tool is automatic and can do most of the work for you if you follow the right working steps… it is 100% free to download on the Google Webstore and working as a Google Chrome extension:

  • As a first and important step, make sure that you follow only influencers in your niche. Clear your Twitter account from all sorts of rubbish accounts that you follow.
  • Now, install the free TagPredict hashtags tool in your Google Chrome browser – this is just a 3 minutes installation process.
  • Click the TagPredict add-on button in the right top corner of your browser, and then click the “Login with Facebook” blue button. If you still need help, refer to this blog post. Important – you must finish the login process with a valid facebook account with E-mail address and a name, otherwise your account may be deactivated.
  • You will be redirected to the TagPredict website (this is normal). Now wait for the screen to load, and in your Chrome browser, goto – and once Twitter optimisation loaded, click again the TagPredict add-on button in the right top corner and wait for this screen:
  • Now, click the “scraper” second tab, and select “only top 40 tags”. This tells the scraper to load only the top popular 40 hashtags and not just everything!
  • Click the green button “start”, and wait for a couple of minutes – the screen will scroll as the automatic pilot scrapes and sorts by popularity the top hashtags from the influencers accounts! Once it is done, you should see the best hashtags in the middle of the add-on screen
  • Now – click the blue “copy” button, this copies the top hashtags to your clipboard. Write a Tweet in your Twitter, and paste the hashtags to it. Bravo! The top influencers hashtags are now in your feed!
  • Continue to do this trick for every tweet you make. Note that you start to get new followers, and… good ones – that fit with your working niche!
  • Don’t forget to recommend to friends…! TagPredict is using a social algorithm so the more users they have, the results is better!
  • Want to see how it is done? Here is a YouTube tutorial.

Good luck and expect new free tricks coming ahead 🙂