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August 22, 2017

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Before you publish a single link to your online content, make certain it is secure and this can be done by capsulizing the link. With capsules, the custom URL shortener, you can still edit and update the link any time– and you will never have to worry about loss traffic again.

What your content is

Whether your content is:

  • Video
  • Press release
  • Blog
  • Media
  • Ecommerce

You need to make certain your online visitors always get where you want them to go.

You maintain control

This way you are in control of every detail between your visitors and your content. You will have a great view of even your shortlinks. Shortened links are often inefficient and function poorly. But with Capsulink the best URL shortener protects you from:

  • Loss of traffic
  • Damaged external links
  • Missing profits

Key tools

The key tool to optimize all your content and strategies is Capsulink and it will unleash the power of your links. It will help you with these key tools:

  • Broken link repair
  • Branded domains
  • Analytics
  • Redirect rules

Broken link repair

This will help you avoid links that are broken by immediate notifications. This empowers your links so that they never lose any traffic.

Branded domains

This tool will make certainyour custom domains create branded URL shortener and unlimited capsules.


Intuitive and useful analytical tools used to optimize your strategies for marketing such as audience, acquisition and behavior insights.

Rules for redirection

Manage and customize the rules of traffic flow. Edit target URLs, employ password-protected capsules and more to ensure the most efficient user behavior.


Preserve all your content, no matter what it is or where it is posted. Capsulate your target links into appealing shortlinks and create deeper links for more reliable results. Whether on social media, email campaign or on a mobile app your published content is protected from loss of traffic by:

  • The punch that shortlinks pack
  • SEO-links that are friendly for results that are optimal
  • Shorten URLs automatically
  • Immortal shortlinks: 24 hours a day every day of the year

Improve your results

Increase your influence which will improve your results. You take control of your progress with link-building and analytical tools. Dive into innovative statistics to reach your website goals. Track visitor behavior, referrals, locations and dates all in one convenient dashboard.

Start for free

You can start for free and then use the option to upgrade to PRO when you see how much this helps any marketing campaign. Features include:

  • Unlimited capsules
  • Unlimited redirects
  • Basic analytics


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