Getting Started with Aurora HDR 2018

It is crucial to start with a preset. Before starting to process an image that is in the digital darkroom, you need to start by considering how it should look. Do you want a natural representation of the scenes that have an expanded dynamic range or a fantasy version? The software includes presets from one spectrum to the other. Beginning with a preset will save your time and get you close to the intended outcome with little effort.

Little adjustment will go a long way

The number of adjustments found in Aurora will give you maximum control over the overall looks of the images. However, one of the biggest pitfalls of HDR is the overdoing section. It is quite easy to do adjustments on the sliders and crank them to the maximum, taking perfect images and turning them into garish parodies of the former shelf.

Many adjustments are set up as sliders for you to make changes easily and see the immediate effect on the images. It is recommended to go ahead and slide everything all the way up at the start to see what happens, but you will have to reset it back to default. In case you decide to make an adjustment, you will realize that many sliders produce the best results when being used. You will be happy when you know the time to make an adjustment that will satisfy you.

Change the preview background to medium gray

Doing editing on a pure black background will alter the perception of the image’s contrast and color. By its nature, HDR processing can result in an unrealistic or oversaturated color. The use of neutral gray background will help you notice if the colors are looking a little off. Additionally, you need to consider that many social sites possess a light background. Processing against a background that is black might give you an unrealistic idea of what the images will look like to the audiences.

If you would like to change this, just right click on the aurora HDR 2018 desktop and choose the color you desire. The light gray or gray options will work best to keep the color perception accurate.

Save the settings

In case you have a settings combination, you like, you will have to save them as your custom preset. This is the right way of reviewing what you exactly did to the image to achieve the final results. It will also save you a lot of time when you have shot a number of series of the HDRs while on an outing. The button of doing this is hidden and you need to look at the bottom right-hand side for the “save filter as preset” button. You will have to click it and give it a name before saving it. These settings will be under the custom category in case you want to use them next time.

Is it time for change?

Before deciding to change to Aurora, it is important to look at your digital workflow and answer yourself several questions. The questions are: are you happy with the camera images, are you unhappy with the end results after processing, and are you spending a lot of time on the computer processing images? Stick to Aurora concept because it produces consistent results that are good.