Google remarkets its business apps as G Suites

In sept 2016, Google launched their product “Google map” with a new name, “G suite”. With changing its name obviously they have worked over improvements and upgrades in the app.  Now, G suite will include other features of Google products like calendar, Google drive, spreadsheets, hangouts and more.

Google said, this new featured app will help everyone for their work and it will innovate together. They also added for the enterprise users that G suite will be a complete package of tools not an individual product.Image result for Google remarkets its business apps as G Suites

What are the uses of G suite?

  1. G suite will allow the entrepreneurs an advantage to add or substrate users with difficulties. You can also manage your personal emails using the app.
  2. While looking more into app, there is also one useful and very important advantage that users can create tools for their third party so they can easily operate what they are expert at, like at CRM Systems and other email facility.
  3. Google claims that this is a better collaboration tool having Google drives, calendars, spreadsheets, map and many more.
  4. G suite is giving their enterprise users to create unlimited emails. And it is very easy to understand and no extra training is required for it.
  5. You can get your desired business name email ids and still it will work as simple as Gmail does.
  6. Its giving you complete ownership for all emails of your employees, so if any of your employee leave your company and joins your rival company than you will not have to afraid of leaking your private data.
  7. Now, sharing documents is very easy task using same G suite with all your employees and employers.

If you want more about G Suite benefits than you can consider this link –