Here Are Top 5 Selfie Drones That Are A Huge Hit On The Market!

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So you’re another selfie addict a? Well, that doesn’t come as a surprise to me at all. I’m a big fan of taking selfies myself. I enjoy shooting great selfies whenever I am inspired by the moment and the location. It allows me to save the best moments with the people that I love, into precious memories. First I did selfies with my smartphone, and later used the popular selfie stick. But, the past few years I switched to the biggest hit in the industry – selfie drones.

Are you looking for a selfie mini drone but do not know which is the ideal one for you? With the huge selection, one has unfortunately the agony of the choice. Drones are an ever-growing trend. There are numerous selfie drones with a huge assortment. To avoid losing sight of the masses of offered selfie mini drones, we would like to present you a small selection of the most popular drones on the market today. If you’re planning to buy a selfie foldable drone this year, then this full review of the best selfie foldable drones in 2017 at Patch is the right guide for you.

XIRO Xplorer Mini Drone

Compactness – it is this quality that modern drones for selfies should have in the first place. Zero UAV went further and offered their views on how they see the drone which is used for photo and video recording in the format of selfie. In XIRO Xplorer, compactness, style, simplicity and incomparable quality of shooting from the air are closely intertwined. Without exaggeration, one of the best in the class of selfie mini drones – XIRO Xplorer Mini. The manufacturer installed the following price tag for the XIRO Xplorer Mini – $499. As the review of Patch mentions, the XIRO Xplorer Mini is “a great choice to make a HQ selfie”.

JJRC H37 Elfie

JJRC H37 is the first budget selfie foldable drone. It comes an incredibly affordable price of less than $100. Buying the foldable JJRC H37 Elfie you get the following features:

  • The control panel is your Wi-Fi gadget in FPV mode, the range is up to 100 m;
  • Headless mode, return home, 3D flips; JJRC H37 Elfie drone performs all these functions with ease;
  • Thanks to the built-in barometer, Elfie can solidify in the air in one place and the brushless motors are perfectly capable of this task;
  • The foldable Elfie has 3 modes of speed rate. 30% is recommended for flying indoors and for those who do not yet have the experience; 60% and 100% are great for an experienced pilot and only outdoors;
  • A removable battery is securely fastened with a capacity of 500 mAh and allows Elfie to stay in the air for 7-9 minutes.

The guys at consider this drone quite “suitable for people who are newcomers in piloting a selfie drone or simply as an excellent device for daily entertainment.”

Yuneec Breeze 4k

We present to your attention the Yuneec Breeze 4K- a new selfie mini drone, created with the concern for the convenience of not only piloting, but also aerial photography. Breeze 4K is both convenient and compact, and its weight is less than 0.5 kg. The Yuneec Breeze 4K is controlled by devices on Android or iOS using the Breeze Cam App. This development of the Yuneec company can be called without exaggeration a flying camera: it’s even easier to catch a steep shot – the photo and video shooting of your adventures from a bird’s eye view is available in an unrivaled 4K ultra high resolution. All you need is to unpack the Breeze 4K and lift it to the sky! The team at Patch explains how this drone “feels great in the air while taking another great selfie of you,” so we are sure you will love the Breeze 4K. It is for sale at a price of $449.

ZeroTech Dobby

The foldable propeller arms are ideal for transporting the Dobby drone. So the format is very handy and fits into the pants or jacket pocket. The Dobby is thus no bigger than a common smartphone. Many features and features make Dobby an extremely attractive selfie-taking drone. The purchase price of $399 with the functions and a 4K camera is quite justified and fair. The foldable drone is ideal for selfies, snapshots and small videos with a high quality. The foldable design is visually beautiful and not copied by others. The built-in materials are of high-quality, the drone itself is quite robust. Patch concludes that “in general, Zerotech DOBBY justifies its expectations.” So, you won’t make a wrong decision with this drone.

Hover Camera Passport  – reviews conclude it’s ideal for your HQ selfie

The main focus of this foldable drone is clearly in selfies, as it can take close up photos and videos just perfectly. There are numerous application examples to be taken up by the Hover Camera. The camera of the drone can shoot photos in a 13 megapixel quality and record videos in a 4K quality. The camera is fixed and has no gimbal. A Gimbal eliminates wind, flight and self-movements of the drone, so that you always get wiggle-free and always straight images. The foldable Hover Camera drone solves this without a gimbal, the images are processed by a software in real time, so that you get wiggle free and straight images. With the Hover Camera, you can shoot perfect selfies without having unwanted elements in the picture. The price of this amazing drone is $499. The conclusion at Patch about the Hover Camera says it is “’indestructible’ drone as an excellent replacement for a selfie stick.”

We showed you guys five supercool selfie mini drones that will introduce a new quality in your selfie experience. So hurry up and get the one that suits you best. Let’s make some selfies!