Figuring out the best locations for your home CCTV equipment

Home CCTV technology has grown by leaps and bounds in just the last few years.

Today, the kind of home CCTV technology available is far above and beyond everything that was available even just 10 short years ago – offering you crystal-clear clarity, high resolution images in any lighting condition whatsoever. The night vision technology available for these home CCTV systems is also absolutely amazing!

At the same time, even the very best CCTV technology available isn’t going to be able to protect you or your loved ones if you aren’t setting up your home CCTV system correctly. You need to make sure that you have all of your angles cover (no pun intended), and hopefully we are going to help you out with exactly that.

Let’s dive right in!

Right at your front door

Some of the very best home CCTV solutions are designed specifically to cover your front door, as 34% of all burglars enter a piece of property through the main entrance.

A lot of home CCTV solutions can be designed to be inserted directly into your door (so that they cannot be knocked out by thieves), and others still can be installed in “hideaway spaces” to provide you with security coverage without compromising their integrity.

Cover the back door, too

It’s obviously a good idea to govern your back door as well.

Some 22% of home burglaries are caused by entrances through the back of the house, and burglars are always looking for a discreet and easy way to get in and out of your home with as much of it as possible.

The same kind of technology used to protect your front door should be used to protect your back door (and any side doors you may have as well).

Make sure off-street windows are secured

Criminals aren’t shy about breaking a window and climbing through the opening, though they will almost always choose to go through a first-floor window that doesn’t face the street.

You’ll want to be sure that all of your off-street windows are completely covered with high quality home CCTV technology set up to record any and all action that may be involved here. These kinds of cameras are going to have to be installed rather uniquely (usually up in the eaves of your roof) to appropriately cover all angles, but it’s worth the potential headache and hassle for sure.

The basement stairs or hatch is a good place to set up CCTV equipment as well

Basements almost always have stairs, a hatch or bulkhead, or at least a handful of low-level windows that criminals can use to gain entrance to your property.

Make sure that you invest in high-quality home CCTV solutions that cover these pieces of your property as well. You will be to gain an extra layer of security that would have existed otherwise, and you’ll be able to sleep a lot easier at night knowing that criminals aren’t going to be coming into your property from a rarely considered entrance.