How Can Grammarly Help You Write Error-Free Content?

Grammarly is known as a most advanced and quite popular grammar and spelling checker tool to fix grammar problems in your blog posts. It is an online tool which was launched back in 2009 and now gained trust by millions of users worldwide.

It is not only popular in non-native English speakers but also in native English speakers which clearly shows that it has the great algorithm to detect common issues.

I am also using it for the last couple of years to proofread all of my posts, and it identify all the essential problems that should be fixed.

The best part is, premium Grammarly account users can also check plagiarism to make their content 100% unique and fresh. They have a giant 8 billion pages database to check copied content. Now let me explain how it can help you improve English as well as your contents?

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How Can Grammarly Help You Write Error-Free Content?

Grammarly is an online application which requires the internet to work; otherwise, you cannot take the benefits of this great tool. It checks your posts from more than 250+ English rules and suggest possibly correct solutions and also define the reason for all the issues.

For example, it can help you replace then with than, and effect with affect or vice versa. Grammarly will show you why it is wrong to write with examples. It helps you improve your English and writing style.

Grammar Checker

Grammarly checks your grammar errors and highlights with a red line. You can check each error individually and then fix issues with few clicks. Its algorithmic built with great features and check posts with 250+ rules which significant help you find and fix errors. The working principle is simple, and it takes no time to find the problems.

Spelling Checker

We misspell many words while writing articles especially while writing in speed. But Grammarly detects all the misspelt words and suggest right words. It is time-saving as you don’t have to read all the content and then find wrong words.

It works in the background and underlines all the bad words. You will love the speed of this tool; it is way faster than any other tool right now in the market.

Plagiarism Checker

As mentioned above, the convenient feature to check the authenticity of your content from 8 billion indexed pages in Grammarly database. So, they have a massive amount of pages to detect copy-paste or matched content.

Bloggers can use this feature to find plagiarism in guest posts or articles they get from their authors. You must buy a premium account to take benefits from this feature, as it’s expensive tool but here is Grammarly student discount to save few bucks on the purchase of paid account.

Punctuation Checker

Do you find it difficult to address where to place a comma or full stop? Well if so, Grammarly can be a life saver. It addresses all the possible locations where you must add commas, colon, period, or question marks.
Now, no more hurdles to place right punctuation at the right place.

Sentence Style

It also makes your sentences look or written in a perfect way. A sentence written in the right style not only help readers under the real meaning of that sentence but also urge them to read more. A severe sentence distracts users and pushes them to leave reading or close the site. For detailed information, read this Grammarly review to learn more.

Content Type

There are more than 20+ writing styles to check post errors accordingly like blog post, personal posts, business, or academic work. So, choose the prominent one and address all the possible issues in no time.

Vocabulary Improvement

Are you facing the problem of writing same words again and again? Here is a great news, this tool suggests synonyms of mostly used words. It is great option to remove similar words and thus help in writing unique copy.
Just double click on any word to find the synonym of that words, it is simple like eating cake.

So, as you see Grammarly is more than just a tool, it detects almost all the essential and crucial errors that should be fixed. You must give it a try and craft great content. Error free articles help you increase readership as well as work incredibly to improve search rankings.