How CMS website is the optimal choice for small business?

Operating on tight budget, small businesses often risk their online presence with primitive websites and limited functions. Fortunately, CMS (content management system) websites can put an end to this tragedy. These open sourced platforms give small businesses solutions that balance quality and cost, in other word, the optimal solution.

The major players in CMS market are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento, all of which share the same nature: what you see is what you get. Though some platforms might be more difficult to set up than others, CMS in general has moderate learning curve, thus manageable even for technologically – challenged users.Yet being user friendly is not the value that makes CMS website the best choice for businesses.

So, what else should we expect to get from CMS websites?

  • Open source:Since thesource codes is accessible to all developers, customization is feasible. This open sourced nature save developers from hours of coding to modify each component and feature for your unique needs. Your business consequently enjoys lower service charges. Plus, it is not rare to come across edited source code, which distributed online by developers for others to use.
  • Community support: CMS platforms themselves do not belong to any organizations. They are jointed products of developers from all over the world. As users and programmers are interdependent, the CMS community continuously self-innovates. Extensions, patches, updates are released on regularly to ensure security and functionality of the whole ecosystem.
  • Quick content update: No coding required to publish/edit/delete content. The command window strongly resembles your average word processor program. Multimedia content can be updated more frequently, boosting site rating and ranking on search engines.
  • Team management: Smoother workflow as each team member can participate in content management. Site admin can customize accessibility of all participants, making it easy to delegate and supervise tasks.
  • Flexibility and scalability: CMS websites are highly versatile and customizable. Extension library with thousands of contributors are available for your unique needs. Plus, it’s also feasible to upgrade the website (e.g. more sub channels) as your businessgrow.
  • SEO compatibility: CMS websites are web crawlers’ favorite due to their search-engine-friendly platforms. With the assistant of SEO add–on and responsive layouts, search engines can index your content quickly, which allow customers to find your web pages easily.

Overall, tight budget can’t exclude you from having a unique and high–functioning website. It’s wise to invest your online presence ina professional CMS website design because your business is part of an innovative global ecosystem of developers and users.