How Does YouTube Count Views?

YouTube allows you to watch and share videos online. It is an online video sharing platform and has headquarters in San Bruno, California. It is an interesting platform where more or less everybody can find something to watch of their choice. The platform can be accessed free of cost. However, the ad-free version requires a premium subscription.

People who are content creators on YouTube are always the ones who are bothered about YouTube views. That is because the payment depends upon the number of views the video can attract. Many of them, Buy YouTube Views to meet the required numbers. You would only be able to control the views when you know how YouTube calculates the views. We have tried to break the ice regarding the view calculation in this article.

Why Is Youtube Particular About Counting Views?

YouTube had to become meticulous about the views because there are many content creators on YouTube who falsify the view counts. They have used various fraud ways to show that their video has been viewed quite several times that it does. YouTube has that why created a methodology to detect the real views. YouTube makes sure that the view is coming from real people before considering it.

Which Views Are Considered As Real Views?

  • When A User Initiates Watching Our Video: When a user starts watching your video, it is taken into consideration. However, if there are more than 5-6 views in a day from the same user, that would not be counted as a view. That means you cannot increase the views just by asking your friends to watch your videos over and over again.
  • User Has To Watch The Video For At Least 30 Seconds: Experts say that a view is counted only when the user watches your video for 30 seconds. It is the total time that the user should invest in your video. It is one of the factors that help YouTube to decide whether the video is valuable enough to be monetized. Videos shorter than 30 seconds aren’t worth monetizing. 

What Are The Watch Glitches That Don’t Work?

  • If A User Watches Videos Meaninglessly: The real viewers are expected to watch videos logically and realistically. If YouTube finds that a particular user is watching videos, which are not linked to each other and are not on the recommendation engine, then YouTube would assume that the viewer is a fake and they will not count the views. These kinds of fake viewers generally jump from one video to another and watch them only for 30 seconds.
  • When A User Leaves A Spam Comment: Many fake viewers leave fake and spam comments on the videos. If your video is watched by any such viewer, whose comment is a spam, then that will not be counted as a real view.

Hope all the above-mentioned points would clear your doubts about the view counting strategy followed by YouTube. Whenever you upload a video, just keep a check on the views and try to implement positive ways to increase the view count.