How Entrepreneurs Can Be More Present and Mindful

The terms present and mindful might seem a bit out there for many entrepreneurs and business owners, but they’re actually really important and relevant concepts in the business world.

When you’re working on building a business, it can be easy to be so sidetracked or have your thoughts race at all times, and when that happens instead of being productive, you often get lost in the chaos. When you’re lost, you don’t know what direction you need to take your business, and it’s tough to focus your attention and energy in the right places. When your thoughts are all over the place, you’re going to get burned out and bogged down more quickly than you would otherwise.

There are anti-anxiety medicines that can be prescribed like Xanax or a similar drug to help calm your thoughts, but what about techniques to allow you to be in the moment, and clear-headed so that you can make the best long-term decisions?

The following are some things to know about being present and mindful as an entrepreneur.

Organize Everything In One Place

Disorganization breeds chaos, and that then leads to problems when it comes to running your business.

It’s important to be organized, despite the connotations we often have of the disorganized genius.

When you’re an entrepreneur, pick one location where you can organize everything including your ideas, your schedule, and your notes. It can be a hardcopy journal, an app, or something on your computer. Just make sure you have one place where you can go to see everything and feel like you’re on top of things.

Be Purposeful In What You Do

It sounds cliché, but every single day you should create a to-do list, and that should serve as your blueprint for the day.

This will help you structure your day and make sure that everything you’re doing has a purpose, rather than feeling like you’re running in neverending circles.

Give Yourself a Timeout Every Day

You’re busy, and you feel like there’s not enough time in the day, so you shouldn’t try to squeeze in your own personal version of a timeout, right? Not quite.

Entrepreneurs who practice meditation or just some plain and simple, quiet time every day often say they feel like they’re more present, focused and able to meet challenges head-on without becoming overwhelmed.

Meditation can help your brain as well. There is research showing that meditation can improve the functionality of your pre-frontal cortex. This is the part of your brain responsible for problem-solving, decision-making and concentration, all key elements of being a successful entrepreneur.

Finally, a few other things to keep in mind to be more present. First, you should create your own idea of success and your own metrics by which to measure your accomplishments. This is a principle many successful entrepreneurs follow. If your objective is simply to “be rich,” you’re not going to be fulfilled in the journey, and you also won’t be present. You should also frequently remind yourself of what your original purpose was when you started your business, and that purpose can serve as a guiding force to stay mindful and present.