How Smart Companies Leverage Visual Content in Social Media

Research Statistics

New research has shown that when it comes to strengthening a company’s brand social media proves that a picture is even more worth than a thousand words. Towards all photo visual things an increasing strong trend has been observed. People engaging with social media from smartphones are discovering that taking pictures immediately with a high-resolution smartphone is much easier than typing out a status update according to a 2012 study by ROI Research. According to a research man rank links, videos and jokes at the top of their preference list while women enjoy and respond to photo visuals at the most making it top the list of things social media users enjoy seeing from their friends.

If a picture is posted in relation to a brand forty-four percent of respondents are more likely to engage in it. One of the top de facto strategies of understanding and sorting the vast amount of information we see each and every single day have been brought about by photo visuals. A great example is even this article which is presented in prose form but could actually get more attention if it could have a picture attached on it.  


Kirk Tanner strategies and also his inventory principle were made more interesting for light manufacturing companies which are typically headed by men in his YouTube video series “Kirk’s Tackle Shop” thus making him to be awarded the SAMY award in 2012 from Utah Business Magazine. Photo visual content does provide extra SEO advantages to a company that values its branding efforts as well.

Example Illustrations

Pictures are bit like movie trailers that provide just a snippet of what the brand, article, longer piece of content or site is about according to Devatio Samuals the EVP at advertising agency in GlobalHue. Therefore, a decision can be reached easily on whether you want to pursue the item further or not within a short period of time. For instance, a women-owned business in Utah wanted to expand beyond their regional market which is local known was Bohme Boutique. The company as we speak is on track for $16 million in revenue for 2012 and is visioning on greater income revenue for the future, this is because they turned to highly visual email and social media campaigns thus gaining soar profits. Another company that took a giant step towards a more user-friendly reputation and brand was Wendia, a provider of helpdesk software. They also experienced numerous profits in their user-friendly platform. Therefore, for your company this means that for commercial brands visual stimulation is the key, and for publisher’s photo visuals was their most curiosity.

For more response and interaction than any other kind of post, Facebook post of pictures have proved to be more reliable. The centerpieces of fashion designers’ online marketing plans are Facebook and Pinterest. In today’s market, the companies that rock visual media most effectively are reigning supreme whether they are selling IT software, clothing, entertainment, food, professional services or boutique.