How Storing Archived Files in Network is Better Solution

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Till now, archiving files simply meant creating a database where files were moved after passage of certain amount of time. But, with the introduction of cloud technology, the method of archiving files has also become sophisticated. The aim of archiving files nowadays is only to make more space in active folder and that too, without depending upon IT staff for retrieval. Storing archives in network helps in a variety of ways such as:

  • It helps avoiding database

The database creation and maintenance is altogether a time consuming activity, and its security add more to the concern. By archiving files on network, the safety cover of network is put to use and it eliminates the need of additional activity of creating and maintaining databases.

  • Easy retrieval

The workers can access files from network as and when required. For this simple activity, they need no depend upon the IT staff. Since the access to network is granted only to the authorized personnel, the chances of security lapse are largely reduced. Moving files to networks like Google Cloud, Azure etc proves to faster and safer solution.

  • Cost effective deployment

No extra hardware will be required for the maintenance of archived files when network is chosen as the ultimate destination in case of a database. This makes deployment easier and faster and also eliminates the need for more hardware solutions. Thus, the organizations save a lot on the cost of maintaining files and archives.

The facility of creating shortcuts makes the transfer of access easier when files are handed over from one set of employees to another. Organizations need smarter solutions for files maintenance and for easier induction of newer employees into the system. Visit here to find more about such solutions and pick the ones that suit your requirements the best.