How to change your Gmail account Inbox style

Gmail is the most renowned emailing platform around the world. Gmail stands for Google mail, it is developed by Google and most of the services provided are free of cost. One can easily send any e-mail which could be formal or informal according to user and receivers need.

Google has provided a feature to modify Gmail account’s inbox appearance.

3 main inbox types are available:

  • Default- inbox will be categorised in primary section, social, promotion and update section.
  • Important first- inbox will be separated in one bottom and an upper section which will comprise of important messages and all others respectively.
  • Unread first- one section at top will be of all unread mails and lower one will be of all other messages.
  • Stared first- is similar to unread and important first types, top section contains all stared mails and bottom one with all other mails
  • Priority inbox- many different sections of inbox are done of type Unread, important, stared and others. One can choose which section is to be shown and where unread will be.

Changing inbox style of Gmail account is achieved in a slight different way for android, computers and device support iOS.

  1. For computers:

  • Open Gmail: At first user need to open Gmail site, is the official site of Gmail.
  • Login to your account, enter mail id and password.
  • Move to settings icon at rightmost top of main page to access any setting facility provided by Gmail, icon look like a gear symbol.
  • Click settings option from appeared drop down menu.
  • Choose inbox tab.
  • Go to inbox type; choose any option amongst- default, unread first, stared first, important first or priority inbox according to your preference.
  • Several other settings could also be changed, like mail filtering settings, whether to show important mark or not or which categories are to be shown.
  • According to your setting changes Google will modify your account.
  1. For Android operating system devices:

  • For android devices a Gmail app is introduced by Google several years back and fortunately it is pre-installed in every android device.
  • Go to Gmail app in your desired android device.
  • Select menu icon at top left corner, menu icon is shown by three horizontal line symbol.
  • Choose setting option and select account on which you want to update those settings. This is to be done if more than one account is linked to your Gmail app.
  • Go to inbox type option and select default or priority inbox.
  1. For iOS supported device:

  • No such feature is available for Gmail app available for iOS device. User cannot directly modify their inbox in Gmail app in their iPhone or iPad etc.
  • Modification can only be done online through Gmail site and will automatically show on Gmail app but it will take several hours.
  • To change Gmail inbox online steps are explained above. All steps of inbox modification using computer is to be performed.

This is how one can change Gmail account inbox style.