How to Check your Stats with a Fortnite Tracker

Many players have desired to check out their Battle Royale stats online since they started playing the game. This has been a common trait since around the time that the title from Epic Games launched, with many wanting to know how they were progressing with Fortnite. If this is something that has appealed to you, then you are probably wanting to know more about how a Fortnite Tracker might work. 

There are resources online that will allow you to check your Fortnite stats, some of which are better than others. Depending on what you are looking for, whether its checking which game mode you thrive in the most, or what your average Kill/Death ratio is, there is something for everyone. Certain sites even let you compare yourself to the pros if you wish. That being said, here are a couple of the best Fortnite trackers out there. and Tracker Sites

Before we get onto the main tracker site you should be using, there are a few alternatives out there that you should look into. One such resource is StormShield, which is a decent tool for checking out your stats. It has a great UI which can give you a good insight into your statistics, and it even has a tool that showcases leaks of skins and other cosmetics, as well as item information and more. 

That being said, if you are looking for something a bit more intricate, then you may want to read on a little further. You can also find resources like Fortnite Scout and Fortnite Stats, though they don’t really work as well as others. That being said, StormShield is capable of catering for some of your needs, and is easy enough to navigate, so it’s still worth checking out. 

Fortnite Tracker Network

If you have happened to have played other online multiplayer titles such as PUBG or Destiny 2, and have wanted to check out your progress in statistical form online, then you may have come across the Tracker Network before. It caters for the most popular online shooters on the market, and Fortnite is thankfully one of them. 

In order to use the Tracker Network, make sure to have it open when you are playing the game. From there, you will be able to check your profile to see your progress in the forms of graphs and other trends. It will also track your matches and save them to your match history, so you can always stay up to date on how you are doing. By doing this, you are also going to be able to see which game you got your highest kills in, and how long your biggest win streak was. Simply have your profile open and ready to go and the Tracker Network will track the stats that you desire. Leaderboards, Fortnite weapon details, and much more are available here. 

If you wanted to go one step further, there is a premium option that offers a whole bunch of ways to customise your profile on there. You will also notice they have a Tracker Network Rating, which sees you starting out at 1,200 before you work your way up. So, if you are ever wondering who the best players are at the moment, then this is a way for you to check out who you would like to compete against. If you are also up to the task, then here you can enter community challenges, which offer cash prizes to those who emerge victorious. 

These are ultimately your best options for using a Fortnite Tracker, and the Tracker Network is arguably your best bet. Simply head over there and create your profile, and keep it open whilst you play. This is the best way for you to use a Fortnite Tracker, even though there are more simplistic alternatives. Overall, it’s a great way for you to improve your game, as well as compare yourself to the very best that the Fortnite gaming community has to offer. So, if you need a heads up on how you are doing, or want to see what you need to work towards in order to compete against the cream of the crop, then this is certainly the way to do it. 

Have you used a Fortnite Tracker before? Let us know in the comments section below!