How to Choose a Quality Parse Sever Provider?

The recent shut down of Parse has paved the way for a lot of young companies that offer similar services. For a long time, Parse has been an invaluable tool for mobile app developers, and when it shut down, it provided an easy way to migrate to other providers. Nonetheless, despite the fact that there are many providers to choose from, and despite the fact that it is quite easy to migrate from one provider to another, many developers are having a hard time finding the best solution for their needs. Today we are going to talk about the key factors that you should examine when looking for a good Parse server provider.

Automatic scaling

This is one of the main benefits of cloud computing. This concept refers to the ability to effortlessly add or remove computing resources, based on what your apps actually uses. Most of today’s Parse providers have even greater scaling capabilities than the initial Parse. For example, Back4App is capable of scaling applications up to 10,000 requests per second, with approximately 80,000 simultaneous users. When you compare this to the 600 requests per second offered by, the difference is astonishing. This limitation is not just the case of, as many Black Box backend solutions have scaling problems. And even if your app doesn’t require a lot of resources at the moment, consider the fact that in the future you may launch a marketing campaign that requires a lot more traffic than usual.

Region limitations

A good Parse Server provider should allow you to use servers from any location in the world, and access the infrastructure that best suits your app’s needs. Ideally, you should be able to choose between predefined servers, a Cloud solution or even building your own infrastructure according to the specific needs of your app. Keep in mind that the distance between the location of your users and the location of your server, can affect the speed of your app, or the search engine rankings of your website.

Constant support

All Parse providers promise an easy migration, and while this process is very simple in theory, unexpected problems can always arise. This is why it is important to choose a provider that offers constant support. The support should consist in documentation and project examples, but also expert troubleshooting assistance.  


Ideally, you should plan for the future and choose a solution that allows you to make the most of your app from the very beginning. However, many developers start with small budgets, and it is important to find a Parse provider that offers flexible pricing options. This way, you can start with a small membership package and switch to better solutions as your app grows.