How to Download Instagram Videos, Photos and Facebook Videos Using Vidflu.Com?

Social media has really changed the way of our life. People are interacting, communicating, exploring their beautiful lives through videos, images, selfies. Majority of people are very active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram. These platforms have really created a dynamic impact on our lives.

Instagram is making a remarkable impact on these social media platforms. It has over 1 billion downloads.

Sometimes if we like any image or video on Instagram we just want to download them. For such downloading process there are many tricks and tips available on internet. Also on play store there are many apps available which you can use for this purpose. But having such apps consumes unnecessary storage and RAM. But in this article you get some simple steps through which you can download images or videos from your Instagram account.

Following are some of the easy steps which you have to follow in order to download your favourite videos or images of megan jane ramsay from Instagram:

1) Sign-in:

First of all sign-in to your Instagram account

2) Select the video or image:

Choose the video or photo that you like and you have to download.

3) Copy URL:

Right click the selected video and select the “copy URL” option.

4) Insert URL

Paste the copied URL in appropriate box and click on “DOWNLOAD” button.

5) Video or photo start downloading: A notification will be displayed which inform you about the download procedure.

Facebook is another social media giant which has firmed roots on internet and has over 2 billion users across the world. Due to such large users available on Facebook you can find various videos on it. Some of these videos can often like you.

For downloading such videos you may have different options but provides you an easy, superfast, free of cost service for downloading videos that you like and love as well as those videos that you have to share with your companions, partner and relatives.

Following are some easy to follow steps for downloading videos from Facebook:

1) Log-in:

Log-in to your Facebook account.

2) Select the video that you like:

Choose the video that you want to download.

3) Copy URL:

Then right click on the video that you have to download and select the “copy URL” option.

4) Insert URL:

Insert the URL which was previously copied and paste it into the appropriate box and click on the “DOWNLOAD” button.

5) The downloading process will then start.

In this way you can easily download your favourite videos and images from social media. is the best website through which you can easily complete the downloading task.

1) Easy access: is the best website as well as it is easy to handle.

2) Efficient working: provides you an efficient working with requirement of less amount of time.

3) Free service:

You get the efficient service without paying any amount of money.

So get ready to enjoy your favourite videos with downloading them through only