How to Earn Microsoft Windows 10 Certification

Over 400 million devices run Windows 10 in more than 190 countries worldwide, as per Microsoft. It is not surprising, then, why so many people are now striving to obtain certification and other marketable credentials for this popular operating system. How exactly can you become certified in Microsoft Windows 10? What steps need to be taken from start to finish?

Use Existing Knowledge as a Foundation

To save time in the long run and achieve your goal of Windows 10 certification sooner than you think, it is highly recommended to start with a solid foundation. You can use your existing knowledge and past certifications as the cornerstone of your new certification path, especially if your past instruction consisted of Windows 10 courses. Even if you do not have a substantial foundation of existing knowledge to work with, it is still much better than starting from scratch.

Knowledge Milestones You Should Target

Your existing knowledge plays a major role in your overall journey toward your Windows 10 certification. Any existing certifications may not matter very much in the grand scheme of things, especially when you consider the vast number of other Microsoft certification paths available that have nothing to do with Windows 10. However, there are several “milestones” you should check off your list regarding your experience and existing knowledge to make sure this certification journey is not too overwhelming for you to get involved with right now.

For instance, you should already have a considerable amount of experience with desktop administration within Microsoft Windows in general. Quite a few of the assessments that you must pass to obtain certification deal with system administration. It is true that you will learn a lot from the educational journey toward becoming certified in Windows 10. However, any existing desktop administration experience will only make you that much more equipped and prepared to face the rigorous and tedious curriculum covered and required for this specific Windows certification.

Focus on Your Current Job Duties

Many people seem to overlook the value that their current work experience can potentially offer to their certification journey. For instance, entry-level Windows device support technicians and device system administrators learn a lot about what is covered and tested throughout the certification curriculum – applying that knowledge daily, shift after shift. Multiple reports claim that an interested candidate can qualify to take the required exams (and pass them successfully) simply by using their work experience and current IT-related job duties to serve as their foundation.

Test Knowledge with Required Exams

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles you will have to overcome on your path to certification are the official Microsoft exams that are required. For instance, Exam 70-698 tests your knowledge and ability to install and configure Windows 10 on most standard PCs. This exam covers everything from local installation to local maintenance and management. You will also answer questions that focus on configuring core local services and modifying settings with this OS infrastructure.

The second of the two required exams Is Exam 70-697, an assessment that focuses on your ability to configure Windows devices successfully. This exam covers such topics as creating solid identities, managing mobile devices within the operating system, application management as well as virtualization while using Hyper-V. There are study guides, Windows 10 training courses and a host of other resources available that you can use to prepare for each of these exams – including practice tests and exam simulations.

Enjoy Your New Life as an MCSA

Once you pass the required exams and have proven your acceptable level of knowledge and skillset working with Windows 10, you will officially become recognized as a Microsoft Certified Professional who has earned his or her certification as a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA.) There is a wide variety of employment opportunities available in the IT market today that specifically cater to MCSAs, meaning that you have quite a few doors that will open to you once you update and submit your high-quality resume.

If you choose to continue your educational journey, the next step that you perhaps want to consider is heading for your certification as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE.) Showing that you are knowledgeable and certified with both sides of the spectrum – engineering and administration – will speak volumes to headhunters and employers looking to take their IT staff to the next level.

Patience, Patience, Patience

One of the worst things that you can do as you strive to become certified in Microsoft Windows 10 is to find an “accelerated” path. If you truly want to learn the skills and obtain the knowledge you will need to succeed in this industry as a Windows 10 certified professional, you will need to do a lot more work and put forth a lot more effort than you realize. However, the value that you will receive from your work and the relatively high compensation you will receive in exchange for your contributions will make those sacrifices worthwhile.