How to Find the Best Auto Loan Rates

Taking out a car loan is a crucial step in purchasing your own vehicle. Not many of us can walk right into a dealership and buy a car outright without needing some type of financial backing. An auto loan provides this financial aid to you and will pay for the car upfront so that you just need to pay for it in small monthly installments. Unfortunately, taking out the wrong loan can be disastrous because of the fact that the rate might be too high and make payments too costly.

Taking Out a Loan

Taking out a loan is a process that takes just a few days to a few weeks. Your credit score and lender will determine how quickly you’re approved for a loan. If you’re denied a loan, this isn’t to say that you won’t be able to get one at all. You may just need to find a different lender who takes on clients with bad credit scores or unstable financial backgrounds.

Finding the Lender

You will need to do diligent research on a lender you can trust. Not only do you want a loan company that has reasonable rates, but you also need one with superior customer support in case you need help down the road. You can read reviews and get a feel for what other people are saying about a specific agency online.

Understanding Rates

When it comes to vehicle loan rates, there are two main types to be aware of. Variable rates tend to start off low and can go lower over time, but they sway and change according to the current market. If interest rates are high in any given period, your loan is going to reflect this and you’ll be paying more for those monthly payments. Fixed rates tend to be higher off the bat, but you’re locked into one specific rate that is guaranteed never to change. This prevents your bill from going up and becoming too expensive for your budget. You can also use a loan rate calculator to determine what your monthly bill would be with taxes and fees included.


If you already have a loan but want a better rate, you can choose to refinance. Refinancing gets rid of the old loan and replaces it with a brand new one with a lowered rate. This is also ideal for individuals who would like to get a co-signer off of their title and want the loan entirely in their own name.

Loan Repayment

It is crucial that you make your monthly loan payments all the time to avoid having your car repossessed or taking a hit to your credit score. If your payments have become too burdensome, you’ll need to think about refinancing or working with the loan company to lower your bill. In some cases, just extending the loan term can do wonders when it comes to reducing the amount that you pay each month.


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