How to Fix “Error Code 20” Problem in Google play store

Error code 20 is widely spread among users Android devices: typically, this error occurs when you try to download or update an app from Google Play Store. This error can be caused by many situations, but basically this problem is connected with the general network failure. We present two ways to solve the problem and hope that at least one of them will help you get rid of this error on your Android-device.

Method 1. Restart your smartphone

This method is versatile to deal with any problems for your smartphone, including the fixing “Error Code 20” in Google Play Store. Sometimes some unwanted processes begin to run in the background and due to this users are faced with the problem. Thus, you can reboot your smartphone to solve this problem.

Method 2. Clear Google Play Cache

To clear cache from Google Play Store app, you need to enter the “Settings” -> “Applications” and find the “Play Store“. Select this option, and then find the option “Clear Cache”. If earlier the previous method did not work for your smartphone, you can repeat the steps described there after cleaning the cache and get the desired result.

You can try any of these solutions to get rid of the error 920. At least one will work for sure. Also, these methods can be effective for a similar problem “Error 506” in the Google Play Store. Since they do not require special skills and experience, you will easily cope with the problem.