How to Generate a Pay Stub Online

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It is a traditional practice for small business owners to issue checks to their employees for wage payment. With the passage of time, technology has evolved a lot. The demand for a more accurate system has given rise to pay stub online. It is now a widely used online tool to accurately calculate the amount of tax deductions and also net pay. If you own a business and want to create an online pay stub, go with a proper and reliable software program to fulfill your purpose.

Importance of Online Pay Stub

Long before technology redefined the modern era, the most convenient way to pay an employee was to hand him/her a hand-written payment. However, it was quite impossible for the employer to keep track of details and ensure that every piece of information is correct.

Here are two key points to assert importance of pay stubs:

It is a responsibility of the business owners to make certain that there is complete transparency in regards to wage payment to the employees. Though most business owners – both small and large corporate businesses – stick to professional honesty, all are not same. Mistakes in this regard – intentional or unintentional – could land one in jail. To eliminate any intentional mistake and keep track of salary details of your employees, it is highly important to have a check stub online in place.

It is never easy to track the requisite details of employees’ gross salary, tax deduction and net salary. Manual computation is time consuming and leaves mistakes. Tax deductions, medical insurance, retirement funds and miscellaneous deductions have made the calculations trickier than before. In such a situation, it is important for you to create your own pay stub as it helps both employers and employees.

Tools Required to Create a Paystub

If you are convinced that you should make a paystub, the immediate question is how to create it. You have two options – hand witting and automation. However, time is too short to handwrite salary details of all employees, especially if you have a larger pool of workers. Furthermore, banks and other financial institutions will not accept handwritten paychecks.

There are multiple accounting software programs to help you create a pay stub on your own. These software programs are easy to understand and simple to use. You can find a low-price or even free layout to meet your payroll stub requirements.

It is also not difficult to find websites that provide business owners with a number of templates to help them develop stubs for their employees. Some websites offer a number of templates and allow users to choose from the available options.  These templates can be customized to fulfill your specific requirements. Take time to look at different templates to understand which will work best for your purpose.


There is no denying the reality that automatic pay stubs is of great help for both business owners and workers. Accuracy is the most the important factor while choosing a particular pay stub.