Have you ever imagined that it is easy to hack the imessages of an iPhone user? It can be possible now a day with the high technology. This article will explain about this thing. First of all, iPhone is the best and smartest phone ever in the whole world which provides you some high-end and secure services like imessages, video calling, etc. But you can break this security and easily hack someone’s imessages with the help of spy app.

It is quite natural that you want to peep in or check the iPhone of your partner, want to check the imessages. But don’t know how to do it. To solve your problem easily we can give you a solution by which you can trace your partner’s movement or can be sure about his or her affairs. To do this you just need to install the spy app on your partner’s iPhone from the Apple store. After doing that you will be able to get the phone’s information from your phone. Not only hack someone’s messages, but also you can be able to trace the GPS location of your partner. As well as you can set a limit of the incoming calls of your partner and can record those calls also. You can also access his/her WhatsApp, emails and other apps too ,because this app has the keylogger facility.

What are the steps to install the spy app?

Your Apple id must be same which your partner uses.  First of all, you need to take your partners iphone and set the message settings. Then go to the send and receive section in message settings to add your phone number to associate with id or install special spy software or app. To check it, you can send a message to your own number.

How can you protect your IOS service from the hacker?

Hacking is very easy now a day. So you should take care of your device or iPhone. Don’t share your icloud details or the phone password with anybody. If you share or till now not careful about it, then any smart one can easily hack your smart phone easily. Be alert about this thing and never share anything with anyone.

Remember these basic information which we have provided here with you through this article. I hope this article will be helpful for you. iPhone is good to see but sharing it can be dangerous for you.

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