How to make WordPress blog into video blog?

WordPress is one of the most commonly used platforms for designing websites. It is very popular because it allows you to create websites without any coding. This is one of the best ways to start your website when do not know anything about coding and one of the biggest advantage of using a wordpress platform is that there are some features that you can use for free. But when you create a website from wordpress then you should only do blogging on it that means you can’t post or share any video with your users. But In order to overcome from this issue now days, there are many websites such as from where you can start video blogging on your wordpress website.  Image result for How to make WordPress blog into video blog?

How to do video blogging?

If you make use of these websites for video blogging then you will not find any difficulty in the process. You just need to follow some simple rules and steps such as –

Membership system – at first you need to register with these websites that is absolutely free. Then you need to select the package of your choice, here you get an option of two types of package such as paid membership where you get to enjoy the full features that are offered and second is free membership that is good for those who want to make their blog very simple, in free membership you can enjoy some basic packages offered by the site you choose.

Responsive design – after the membership process you need to choose the design for your website, it is advised that choose the design that is compatible to all the devices i.e. mobile as now most of the people use mobiles more than PC that’s why choose the one that is easy accessible on mobile also.

Video submission – in order to make your website user friendly you can also set an option where your users can also upload video to your websites.