How to Play Word Search on your Android Phone

Android market place is filled with different strategy games, RPG games and soccer games. Are you looking to play some other options to play games? One of the smart option for you is to play some intellectual games. There are several options too check out. One of the top option available is to play escape games or word search options.

Word search is going to give you a fantastic way to pass your time. The game is having different sets of rule and you can also share the scores with others. You are looking for the perfect style to play the game. Here goes the steps that you will have to follow in the game.Image result for How to Play Word Search on your Android Phone

Steps to Play Game

The game requires no setting and no details at all for starting it. Just go through the following procedure and start playing the game in a different style.

  • As you start playing a session of the game, you will find few things on your screen – an alphabet grid on your smartphone display, few words you will have to search and the time limit, you are assigned.
  • You will have to create as many words as you can within that time frame. Process is absolutely easy for you.
  • Swipe your finger over the alphabets and the word, when found will be crossed from the display screen.

Isn’t the process easy to be applied? Download the game from the play store by searching word search and install it for the game progress. You will love the game very much. Once you liked it, do not forget to rate the app in the play store. Play the game all the time, with new boards and new challenges. Share your scores with your friends and invite them for the game play. New updates of the game is already on the way. So, keep updating.