How to Protect Your Company Mobile Devices from Unauthorized Use

Modern mobile devices are now equipped with features that enable users to manage their business more efficiently. Devices can also be linked to a cloud storage, where users can access their important documents, presentations, and reports even from a location outside the office.

While these essential features enable managers and employees to work remotely from the office, unauthorized use and access could occur when devices are not protected. This could result in a pile-up of additional data cost as well as potentially exposing sensitive corporate data to security threats and theft.

Here are just some ways on how to protect your company mobile devices from unauthorized use.

Invest in a Reliable Management Solution

It is necessary to invest in a software application or program that can provide secure device and mobility management solution. Wandera has been customized specifically for mobile devices to provide a variety of supportive features, including data and expense management.

It has a streamlined platform that provides insight on real-time analytics to enable managers to track usage of the device. Through the platform, potential external threats to the system, including data mining and hacking activities, can be detected. It also shows how many threats were blocked in real time. In terms of data and cost monitoring, the system indicates percentages on the amount of data used and saved as well as annualized cost savings.

Another important feature of the program is the ability to block unauthorized apps and websites. Oftentimes, corporate mobile devices are prone to misuse by users but with these limits in place, only business-critical apps and websites can be accessed by the user.

Select a Strong Password

Should a mobile device get stolen, this may be the first line of defense against unauthorized access to any corporate data or customer file. This method should not be the only way for guarding against unauthorized access and should be paired with other methods. Having said that, passwords should be changed frequently as a device safeguard.

Also, any company device should not be treated as a permanent repository of data and information. Clean your device storage for unnecessary files.

Install a Digital Leash

This is another method of protecting devices against misplacement or theft. There are apps and programs in the market which provide this necessary service. In case a corporate mobile device goes missing, the program or app has the capability to track its location. In some cases, this tracking function is integrated into the cloud as an added layer of protection. There are even products that alert the user where a device is hidden.

Set Strong Policies

Any employee and manager with access to the device should be provided information on its acceptable or proper use. Regulations must also be implemented by the management as to what constitutes proper and improper use of corporate mobile devices.

Mobile device users must be warned about the potential dangers of downloading unknown applications and programs into their devices and connecting to open wifi networks. Moreover, users must be provided with information about vetted and reliable programs that support essential corporate requirements.

Protecting company mobile devices from unauthorized use should be an important part of any corporate operation since this could potentially cause a multitude of problems. Any manager who values company time, money and information should ensure that systems are in place to only allow authorized use of these devices.