How to Reduce The Number of Negative Reviews On Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is like a dreamland for those who want to sell their products to millions of customers from all around the world. This is probably the biggest platform which has given many people the freedom to change their dreams and live a life they desire. In case you are one such person who sells products online using Amazon platform, then this post is dedicated to you.

Negative Reviews on Amazon

The one thing that Amazon has done pretty well is give a wide number of options to customers. There are different sellers selling the same product on Amazon, and customers can choose the ones which have the best ratings. It’s a win-win situation for the seller as well as buyers. Those who sell legitimate products and deliver them well within time get positive reviews and those who fail to do so get negative reviews. Unfortunately, sometimes even after serving customers in a good way, sellers get negative reviews which reduce their sales, and ultimately revenues.

Reducing Negative Reviews

If you manage an online store on Amazon and want to make sure that negative reviews written by users are very less in numbers, then here is a trick that you can use. Since you know that Amazon doesn’t let the seller know who has put negative reviews, thereby eliminating all the chances to get in touch with a customer directly and resolving the issue. If this is something you are tired of, and then give’s try to AMZFinder.

It’s an amazing tool that allows you to see which customer has written any negative review for your product. The dashboard provided by the AMZFinder is very easy to use and can compile different product reviews at one place. You can simply sort all the reviews based on the ratings given by the customers and make a list of the ones with least rating. Once it’s done, you can contact the customer directly and sort out the matter. Give this tool a shot to see how it can change your overall experience on Amazon.