How to Win Trust for Doing Business Internationally

As a business owner, it is likely that you have considered expanding by starting to run your business overseas. That being said, there are issues when it comes to building trust with international businesses, whether this means securing them as a client or engaging with them for their services. Essentially, not many people are that willing to extend trust, and when you want to extend your business, this can create problems. So, how can you build trust when dealing with international businesses? This article will give you some great pointers. 

Knock Down the Language Barrier

A slight miscommunication could mean the difference between securing a good client and losing them. Don’t let the fact that you and your customer speak different languages stop you from doing business with them. By implementing the use of localization software, such as that offered by Smartling, into your business, any issues surrounding translation will soon be a thing of the past. 

Develop Strong Interpersonal Relationships

It’s easy to forget about the people involved in a transaction when that transaction is surrounded by complexity and stress. When you start dealing with overseas companies, it’s common for some people to become too hunkered down in the mechanics of the actual transaction, rather than getting to know those involved in it personally. Be sure to make the effort to effectively communicate with these companies. Have a meal with them, find out about their families, goals and what motivates them. This means that when it comes to that initial transaction (and any others that follow) it will no longer feel like you’re dealing in international business. 

Demonstrate Respect

There is no way that the importance of demonstrating respect for your foreign colleagues can be understated. It’s easy to chalk things down to being a different culture; however, if you are travelling to meet a potential client, you should immerse yourself in their culture. Find out about the dos and don’ts and act accordingly. Not only is this just polite in general, but the potential customer will see the lengths you have gone through to respect their culture and could be more inclined to do business as a result. 

Listen Before You Speak

One of the most effective ways to build trust (and it sounds easy) is to listen to what your foreign colleagues are saying. Not only should you be listening but you should be taking the time to process their words and fully understand what they’re saying to you. Ensure you do this before putting across your point of view, as things can sometimes get lost in translation, so it’s important to minimize the risk of that as much as possible. 

Granted, this can be easier said than done, given in conversation there will be a lot going on and plenty of ideas going through your mind. Well, in those instances, take a step back and calm down. Listening before you speak and not getting too focused on getting across your agenda is beneficial for both parties involved.