iMessage for Windows (iMessage for Windows 7/8/XP)

This one is for the Apple phone users who have been looking for an app like this where they can easily stay connected with their friends and families without paying anything extra. Though the name suggests messaging, but it is much more than that. iOS 5 users can mainly use this app on their device, but iMessage for Windows is also available, but just a word of caution for all your users that Apple has not come out with any official version of this app for the Windows so if you have to use this then you have to do it in a different way. Sending text, images and videos are made possible through iMessage, but there is one hitch and that is you will only be able to use this with others who have iMessage too. Otherwise, there will be no use of this app therefore it is very important that you ask all your friends to have an iMessage account so that you can enjoy endless texting and also can send MMS to them for free. iPad or iPod Touch also has this facility now so you can easily keep in touch with all your Apple device users. Once you get this app activated, you will have even the text messages send in the form of iMessages, but if you are sending to someone who doesn’t have the iOS 5 devices then they will receive the message in the text message format only.Image result for iMessage for Windows (iMessage for Windows 7/8/XP)

Some great features of iMessage

If you have been using iMessage, then you are aware of all its features, but for all those who are not aware of the features, then here is sneak peek into the features of the iMessage –

  • It will notify the exact time when the message has been read though it can be quite tricky as there will be times when you do not want someone to know the time still it is one of the nicest feature because as a sender you will be sure that the other person has not only received your message but also have gone through it. If you want, you can simply switch off the read notification so that nobody gets to know when you have read the message
  • You can read the messages from your unwanted friends from the Notification center and for that you can just swipe down and read the message from there without letting the person know that you have read his or her message
  • It shows the other person that you are typing by ellipsis symbol therefore all the while you are typing the other person will be expecting an answer from you and will wait until you are finished with it
  • Animated GIFs are present in iMessage so sometimes when you do not feel like writing anything you can just send one of those to let people know what you are feeling like!
  • You can share all those funny snaps that you have of your friends and yours through iMessage
  • By tapping in you can send the contact list over to your friends who requires the number urgently
  • If you want to share the location that you are in so that one can help you with the direction, then it can easily be achieved through iMessage
  • Voice memos can also be sent with the help of iMessage
  • You can also report spam if you are getting some messages from unknown numbers. You just have to take the screenshot and send it to Apple so that they can take care of the rest
  • You can also block iMessage from particular number very easily

You now don’t require any iPhone to make use of this wonderful feature of Apple instead you can make use of iMessage for Windows. You will be able to stay connected with your iPhone user friends conveniently through a PC.

Download iMessage for Windows 7/8/XP

Now if you want to stay connected with all your friends who have been using iPhone then you follow the steps discussed below and you will get it on your PC –

  • First, you have to download Remote Messages and  install it on your iPhone
  • While using iPhone you have to first jailbreak the device
  • You now go to the settings menu and then select the Remote Messages
  • You will be shown an IP address on the screen, make note of it
  • Now open a new browser and enter the IP address that you have noted
  • Press enter after typing the IP address in the address bar
  • You have now been connected to iMessage for Windows on your PC

You are now ready to send messages from your PC to all other iOS device users.