Improve Customer Support Experience with Genesys Interaction Analytics

Every single day your business has to interact with its prospective customers via multiple channels. Now, surprisingly most business organizations rarely try to gather some insights from these interactions but if these interactions are analyzed properly, a business will be able to get valuable inputs about the overall performance, latest business trends and might be able to identify and address issues in advance that can destabilize the organization. This information can hold the key to your contact center success. By analyzing this information, you will be able to improve the customer service experience, reduce the operation cost and increase the revenue of the contact center.

However, if your contact center is still using those old and obsolete contact center monitoring applications and processes, it will be next to impossible for you get those vital details. Without having access to modern interaction analysis system, your contact center will always remain in the dark about the problems that persist in the system. Your existing contact center analytic system might have features that let you track metrics like response time, average handle time, number of calls received etc but these details don’t provide a 360-degree picture of how your contact center is operating as a whole. Consulting an expert company in this situation may provide the necessary insight. Miratech is one of the companies whose specialists can assist in this matter.

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This is the reason why an increasing number of people are now opting for Genesys call center analytics that has helped thousands of contact centers to improve customer experience, increase their revenues and to cut down the operating cost by a significant margin. Genesys interaction analytics implemented by a Genesys partner company, such as Miratech, will let you unleash the true power of communication. Its revolutionary speech analytics and text analytics tools will allow you to unlock hidden insights and information from customer interactions.  

The main objective of a contact center is not just to provide information or offer resolutions to customers’ problems, but rather the main goal of every customer specialist is to convince the customer to purchase more products. The idea behind running a successful contact center is to increase up-selling and boost cross-selling.  By utilizing and exploiting the power of Genesys interaction analytics, your contact center will be able to scale up its profit margin.

GIA helps contact centers to increase revenues by giving you the opportunity to monitor all customer interactions that take place between your employees and customers. This monitoring process will allow you to further improve the quality of your service and the insights from the monitoring will allow you to upgrade the skills of your employees. You will be able to provide the necessary training to your contact center employees after analyzing the customer’s interactions closely. By analyzing the calls, you will be able to identify the main reason behind the high handle times and come up with a plan to reduce the average handle time (AHT).