In Demand tech jobs for Fresh Graduates

As we all know that STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) graduates have lucrative careers. If you’re interested in any of the subjects or have a talent for them, then you don’t have to worry as it will ultimately lead you to a well-paying job. A fresh graduate trying to find a tech job in San Francisco might think of it as a daunting task but once a right fit is found, the struggle will be worth it. Also, the place is the home for tech startups, who knows you might end up being part of a billionaire idea?

To find a tech job in San Francisco is fairly easy because it has many reputed tech companies that regularly lookout for fresh graduates with creative minds. Also, while we are at it, if you want to cover up the high cost of living there, then you need a job with a high salary. So, we are going to explore some of the highest-paid tech jobs segmented by the industry which might save some of your time.

  1. Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity Engineer

An information security professional performs many tasks. They are responsible for developing, designing and implementing a secure network solution for the company to defend against hacking, advanced cyber attacks or any persistent threats that might take place.

  1. Data Scientist

A very diverse field that comes with a variety of responsibilities. A data scientist must have exceptional coding skills to write algorithms that can be used to detect and analyze patterns in large data sets. Also, their strong understanding of statistical applications and theory helps them to create machine-based learning tools that can be used by the company.

  1. Data Engineer

Data Engineers are the professionals who are responsible for preparing a big data infrastructure that is later analyzed by Data Scientists. They develop, test, construct and maintains databases and any large-scale processing systems. Capable of providing suggestions to improve efficiency and data reliability, Data Engineers are among the top of the demanding list.

  1. AI/ Machine Learning Engineer

AI/ Machine Learning Engineer

Artificial Intelligence is a newly emerging field with vast possibilities and to handle any problem related to it we have Artificial Intelligence Engineers. They have a solid understanding of various programming languages and mathematics needed to operate. These professionals are high in demand as artificial intelligence and machine learning are slowly taking over the various parts of the IT industry.

  1. Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineers work for technological duties regarding cloud computing. They are also responsible for assessing systems of the company for any potential weaknesses or technological defaults.


There are many reasons to work in the tech industry as you finally find a place to research and develop upon your creative ideas. You meet a group of people who holds the same vision of innovation as you. While these are the top paid tech jobs, you can opt for other exciting prospects too. Just focus on your main goal, that is to do meaningful work, be creative and have a fulfilling career. And you’ll do just fine!