Increase Company Efficiency with an Online Form Builder

In today’s corporate world, more and more firms are moving to the more efficient, and cost saving, paperless model. By reducing, or even eliminating, the use of paper, companies can save money and also time in their day to day communications. One simple way to cut down on the use of hard copies is to utilize an online form builder. Form builders can be used for many tasks, from surveys to conference room booking schedules. In the customer facing realm, the can be used to measure customer satisfaction, streamline the ordering process, and as a sharable way to store customer data.

In the sales department, online forms are a great way to track leads and where potential clients are currently in the process. This will also create a centralized depository of information that can be easily tracked and shared within various departments in the company. In fact, the uses of online forms are numerous for any sales department. Couple with that, the ability for everyone to create their own forms, and the possibilities become endless.

It is also possible to create web based forms that can be made available to the public. Such forms can be utilized in surveying visitors to the company website, potential customers, and the satisfaction of current clients. Web based forms can also offer anonymity to surveys conducted by the Human Resources department. Surveying employees on their satisfaction, belief in company culture, and suggestions is much more fruitful when respondents know that their identity will remain anonymous. Anonymous surveys yield much more accurate information and will ultimately prove more useful.

Perhaps the most impactful use of online forms is the ability to create invoices and also collect payment electronically. By automating the payment process, these forms cut down on float time, bookkeeping errors, and misplace checks. Online payments are becoming more and more accepted as a satisfactory option, with many consumers preferring this method of making payments. Secure forms are easy to create and can save your company real money. Giving customers different paths for payment can cut down on the time of outstanding invoices and decrease the firm’s accounts receivable amounts.

Once the online forms have been completed they can be exported quite easily to share the information. The form builder can be set up to send out automatic email notifications when new data is received, and can also compile the information and send out data results at different time intervals. The data is sharable, integratable and can be saved and downloaded with a click of a button. Once the desired data set is compiled, it is simple to convert the file to PDF for future use.