Increased Energy Independence through Residential Solar Systems

Whether you are constructing a new home, going through a home remodel or just thinking about changing how you pay for electricity, you may be at the right moment to think about getting a residential solar system installed. There are many reputable companies offering residential solar systems installations in Tasmania, with Jessups Solar Squad being a stand-out example, and with solar appearing to be the way forward when it comes to providing electricity for a home, it is the right moment for budget conscious homeowners to invest in a system.

Quality Investment

One of the reasons why residential solar systems make sense for Tasmania residents is due to the money saved in the long run. Many homeowners get scared off by the initial price on a solar system. But not only is it possible to pay for these systems in installments, even if you are paying the full price, you are realizing savings in no time at all. The systems pay for themselves within a few years and then it is all about saving money.

Solar systems are not like other technologies. You are not paying for something that will only last you for a limited number of years. A quality solar system should last and provide energy efficiency to a Tasmania home for decades. And since these systems require little maintenance and no upgrades, it is a onetime cost that is easily offset by drastically lower electricity bills. Most homeowners in Tasmania can expect to save anywhere from $1000 to $1500 a year on their power bill – in one year. Even if it costs a few thousand to get a system installed, that money is paid off in two to three years. And then it is all about saving money each year that would have been going to the electric company.

The Best Residential Solar Systems

It is important to understand that not every solar system is identical. That is why you must find a company like Solar Squad to complete your installation. Such companies only use the very best panels, which are rated Tier 1 and made by brands that have VDE quality certifications. By using tier 1 solar panels, you are guaranteeing that your investment is safe. These panels are built to last, and will not require any upgrades for decades. And with a 25-year warranty, you do not even have to worry about paying if something goes wrong with the system.

Homeowners could also decide to combine a residential solar system with other energy efficiency methods. The installation of double glazing windows ensures that you can still let the light in during the day, but prevents hot/cold air from getting into the home during the summer/winter months. Other energy efficiency solutions are also a possibility, such as heat transfer systems and space heating solutions. Each home is unique, and a homeowner is best served by speaking with a solar energy professional about the different options that would boost energy efficiency and lower electricity bills in the future.