Indie Games to Watch Out For This 2018

Gaming had such an awesome year in 2017 with the availability of Playstation 4 consoles as well as the new Xbox One consoles online and new game releases such as Nier Automata, Persona 5, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Bet you still remember the Final Fantasy XV hype!

For this year, while there are not a lot of AAA games that will be released, we can bet on indie game releases to sate our need. Here’s a list of indie games we cannot wait to play in 2018.


Pronounced as fee-uh, is an action-adventure video game that lets you control a forest fox-like creature. With the help of other forest creatures, you are tasked to defend the forest from malicious entities called the Silent Ones. The fox uses song to solve puzzles, get help from plants and other creatures, and to defeat the enemy. As the game progresses, you can unlock new areas and learn new songs. In terms of gameplay, it has been compared to Shadow of the Colossus and Journey, both known for its “hands off” approach.

The Last Night

Imagine a world where machines serve the rich and have taken over just about any menial work that could have been available to the lower-class, and the poor are still struggling to survive — that is the setting of The Last Night. It is a cyberpunk game that lets you control Charlie, a person living in the slums. You will be involved in stealth missions and gun fights, and you will be solving puzzles. The world building has a certain Blade Runner vibe to it — which is cyberpunk with elements or retro art.

Dead Static Drive

Described as a “cosmic horror road trip”, Dead Static Drive will take you all across America to find weapons and doppelgangers, defeat monsters, all while keeping your sanity in place. The goal of the game, really, is to reconnect with your family. You stop by towns to refuel and re-energise. The way the game is created, it uses muted colours, a bit like a vintage Americana style graphics, that will help you focus on doing missions in the town rather than get distracted by the graphics. The best way to describe this game is Grand Theft Auto meets the world of H.P. Lovecraft, which, as it turns out, is also how the developer described it.


Heartboundis being described as the next Undertale. The story follows a boy looking for his dog — but at the heart of it, it explores deeper issues such as abuse, depression, fears, and anxieties. The gameplay looks quirky in its 2D sprite engine build. And just like Undertale, how you interact with other characters and the environment dictates how the game will end for you. This game has an extremely poignant narrative, exciting battle scenes, and funny characters.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Meat Boy is probably one of the most popular indie games out there. The adventures of Meat Boy and Bandage Girl continues in Super Meat Boy Forever; but now they have a daughter named Nugget. Dr. Fetus kidnapped Nugget, forcing the couple to chase him all throughout the game. Featuring multiple levels of, Super Meat Boy Forever also has procedurally generated levels where its difficulty adjusts to the player’s skills.

Aren’t you excited yet? So if you still don’t have a console, order a new Xbox One or PS4 online and make sure to get these awesome indie games!