Internet Options for Rural Living

For those who are used to living in a more secluded area, you’re probably used to living off the grid; especially for things as far as modern amenities, such things as the internet. If you are were lucky enough to have internet in your home it used to mean it was unreliable, very expensive and very slow. Lucky thanks to large advancements in technology, internet is accessible to people in remote locations.

The oldest form of rural internet was dial-up internet. Keeping that in mind its dial-up internet is extremely unreliable and very slow in downloads speeds. Download speeds capping out at 56 Kbit/s. Upload speeds are even slower. Some other downsides to dial-up are it will take over your phone line when internet is in use. This is because dial-up connections use telephone lines to send and receive data.


Dial- Up technology is primitive because it is very old. This is why dial-up connection is generally not used as much anymore. Technology has evolved so much it would be virtually impossible to do basic internet related activities with that connection speed.

One of the newest forms of internet for those who do not live in a metropolitan area is satellite Internet. Satellite internet is a much faster option than dial-up. It also does not take over your phone line when it is in use.

Satellite Internet allows for smoother and faster connection thanks to advancements in satellite technology. This whole process is possible thanks to satellites in space and dish receivers. When you visit a website, the dish you have at home will request info from the one out in space. The data is transferred back and forth at a very quick pace allowing you to use the internet virtually anywhere on earth.

Unfortunately due to some old stereotypes there are still some common misconceptions about satellite internet like there will be frequent weather outages. The truth is this simply is not the case; you would only be affected during extreme weather conditions. Another misconception is that satellite internet will be extremely slow. Satellite internet Providers like HughesNet  & DISH Network Internet offers download speeds up to 15 Mbps and upload speeds up to 3 Mbps.

Satellite internet is the only internet connection that keeps you connected virtually anywhere.