IOS vs. Android: Which Should Companies Build on First?

Companies that want to release an app have to consider a lot of different factors when deciding which platform they want to build on first. In particular, they should look at the demographics that each platform caters to, the different revenue models, release cycles, and features. From there they can decide which company they want to use to build their app, whether it’s App Development or another company.


Android has the largest platform share – they’re particularly popular with people who have lower incomes, and those who live in developing nations. iOS users make more money, are more educated, more engaged, and spend more money on apps.

Revenue Models

Android has more free apps that are supported by ads, while iOS has more paid apps. IOS apps earn more revenue – in 2015, they earned 70% more than Android apps.

Release Cycles

Android is open-source, but OEMs and carriers have locked it down – that’s why they don’t release new operating systems as often. This means that companies who choose to build apps on iOS can focus on supporting the newest versions of the operating system and know that their app will still have a broad reach.


Because Android is open-source, it has many different mods, like CyanogenMod or Paranoid Android. This gives developers deeper access into the actual operating system. Because iOS isn’t open source, developers don’t have as much access to the actual operating system.

When Should Companies Choose iOS first?

In general, companies should launch on iOS first, particularly on the iPhone. iOS has a higher demographic reach, and apps can be priced higher on iOS than on Android. In addition, when companies first start developing apps, they’ll have a larger learning curve while they’re learning what works and what doesn’t. Trying to apply all that information across two platforms takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money. For these reasons, most startups start with the iOS platform then move over to Android. The platform the company chooses also depends on the amount of money they have, but companies who want their app to get publicity should start with the iOS platform.

When Should Companies Choose Android first?

Companies should choose Android first if their target audience uses mostly Android phones, especially if it’s in a developing nation or if their target marketing lives mostly in the city. It also makes sense if they want to make a certain element of the Android operating system more their own, when they may need to select the exact hardware the app needs to run on, or when they want complete control over all hardware and software elements.

When to build on both simultaneously

Companies should build on both simultaneously when they have more resources and they’re better established.

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