iPhone Repair Where We Come To You

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There is something new in iPhone repair and that is ‘no in-store’ repairs. In Brisbane and other locations there are businesses that will bring their repair lab or van to you. So, if you have a problem with your iPhone before you take up time finding and going to a certified repair shop; Google to see if iPhone mobile repair is in your area.

Repairs can be expensive

If your iPhone doesn’t have insurance and an upgrade maybe months away, fixing it can be quite costly but in Brisbane you can have the repair van come to you. And at a set fee and usually less than 1 hour. This is iPhone repair for those who can’t afford the loss time with no iPhone.

What you need to do

Here is what you need to do first call to request your iPhone on-site repair. One of their certified technicians will contact you to make arrangements for the time and place that is best for you.

Pay the tech

The certified tech will be on the way to your home or office to meet and get your repair done. When the tech is finished you just pay the fixed fee and you will get our 5-year warranty. They also have this service for any iPhone model on the market and you can check the fee for each on their website. Most of the time the problem will be replacement of your screen.

Most iPhone models

They offer this in-house repair service for any iPhone model needing repair. The upfront price for each model and each item is listed on their website or can be reached by the link listed above.

Protection of your privacy

Your privacy is protected as you can leave on your password lock. Most repairs will not need access toy your device and if for any reason they do you are right there with them and give the authorization to them to do that. Also, our technicians welcome you to watch them while they work especially if it would give you piece of mind.