kamstrup energy meters

With the passage of the time, the necessity of measuring different physical units is increasing e.g. to measure the units of the energy, power or speed. There are dozens of the companies creating different devices to measure the energy units but still they cannot match the innovative level of the Kamstrup because Kamstrup not only creates the gadgets to measure the energy but also works to create the water measuring meters.

Kamstrup & energy meters measure the energy units to the extent of the perfectly accurate readings. Energy meters created by the Kamstrup are fully digital and provides the users with the 100% exact values. There are different types of the energy meters that Kamstrup creates for example:-Image result for kamstrup energy meters

  • Residential energy meters
  • On demand energy meters
  • Commercial energy meters

The smartest thing that Kamstrup has done is the creation of the programmable energy meters which means that a user can program the Kamstrup energy meters as per their requirements and this feature of these energy meters makes them different from others.

Thermal energy meter 801

This meter measures the thermal energy exclusively is specially designed to calculate the thermal energy on the industrial level. The biggest problem that ordinary energy meters bring with them is their weak resistant against dust and smoke, thermal energy meter created by the Kamstrup are fully resistant against the dust and humid drops of the water which mean that the device will be measuring the thermal energy as similar and accurate as it was measuring under the normal conditions. Backlight display is also one of its super features, other than backlight display it comes as all in one solution.

Property of data logging

What could happen if electricity line breaks down? Do you think, this thermal energy meter will also stop working? NO! This device comes up with the battery backup up to one year which means that this device can work 365 days even if not provided by the electricity source. Other than thermal energy meters this company also builds the energy calculating buyprovigilonline.com meters for residential buildings which could help in monitoring the energy usage in houses and also helps to keep an eye on the bills.

Heat energy calculator 602

This specific energy meter could be used for commercial as well residential purposes, it supports both and this meter could be placed with SIOX or LON. It supports various types of the networking systems and is programmed in such a way that it can work under several types of the networking systems e.g. it supports following networking systems:-

  • High power supply routers
  • 3G GPRS
  • GSM
  • Radio
  • ZigBee

This calculator can be utilized with any sort of beat stream sensors and with 2 or 4 wired temperature sensors. Users of this device can set any value of the time to get the analysis on energy used in their factories or colonies because this device can present analysis on the manually given time from the users.

Kamstrup & energy meters is known for its most beneficiary and intelligent energy meters.