KTM is here with its impressive duke 200 bike

The 200 Duke is lots in common with the brand Bajaj.  The KTM brought the muscular look and the hardy silhouette which gives the bike the outstanding look. The sporty mudguard is cool to look at as it has got its sturdiness on its front. The compactness of the instruments is very appealing. The crispiness of the bike is profound. The ktm duke 200 top speed makes up to 25bhp as it has got the smoothest momentum with the features which are high-tech.

This healthy bike has got a good mileage

The ktm duke 200 mileage is cool and for plain roads, it is the average speed. The beginners are bound to find this bike comforting. The casing of the bike is made of alloy and the stroke of this bike is four. The power plant of this bike is very much injected with fuel with the presence of cooling of the liquid system incorporated in it. The bike is one of its high classes and is very healthy and sporty for beginners and for single riders.Image result for KTM is here with its impressive duke 200 bike

The paramount features are very stable

Ktm duke 200 price in India is one lakhs fifty thousand which you can even get on the price of the road. The tank can hold up to eleven liters of fuel which is satisfactory for driving on roads with top speed. The speed box is of six gears as the engine has its top class and no doubt, completely unblemished. The power building capacity is more than 4500 rpm and the vibe is really high as well as paramount. The clutch is crisp and good for speed breakers and for the beginners to carry on high roads.

It is the best bike in the Indian market

Overall, the duke 200 has received nine out of ten stars and is very pleasing for the ground clearance capacity which is 165 millimeter. The bike offers chain driving and the bike uses the petrol type of fuel rather than the diesel. This is the best bike in the world of sports and adventures. The bike has got peppy and light handling capacity with the required sharpness which gives it the contrasting look.